So a new cash mode?

First expansions have become more expensive over the years, and you get less value out of them. And then you have to pay way to much ingame gold or real cash to play full battleground, and now you also need to pay to play the full mercenary when that arrives.
Its clear to see its a money machine not a game for the players anymore.

My paywall is reached here its simply to much paying in this game now these days. Many will keep buying thats also why it keeps going. But I play this expansion out and not more. I feel sad for those who havent had the cash like me to buy every expansion, and maybe not have money to play the different modes.

But enough is enough this expansion gave me 4 legendary out of 173 packs, and that was it for me. I dont feel the love from the company anymore beside there love for there wallet.
I will buy other blizzard games but not more to heartstone.

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I’ve stopping giving them any money at all for years, all they care about is money and thats all. Don’t reward them by buying any of their products.

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