Smarter Deck Builder Fixes

(Chris Sierra) #1

Hey Folks,

We saw your feedback and appreciate you making us aware of some of the issues you’ve experienced with the new Smarter Deck Builder. We’ve recently pushed some technical fixes + tweaks live and wanted to let you know what they are:

  • Fixed an issue where incomplete decks sourced from a deck code were confusing the Smarter Deck Builder.
  • Fixed an issue where some incorrect cards were being inserted into sparse collections, specifically Cold Blood being included in odd Rogue decks.
  • Fixed an issue where putting any odd AND even cards into an incomplete Paladin deck would cause Smarter Deck Builder to select a very basic deck.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could be recommended a Hadronox deck when they did not own Hadronox.

Let us know if you continue to experience any issues! Now, on to Rise of Shadows!



Please improve quality of decks with or without Keleseth.
Deck builder usually avoids using 2 mana cards in Rogue, even if you don’t own Keleseth. That’s obviously a mistake. Probbably an algorithm knows, 2 mana cards are not that popular, but it has no idea, why.
On the other side, when it’s used out of Rogue, it takes 2 mana cards along with Keleseth


I ran into these issues (an hour ago or so):
Rogue deck:
Minion and spell with “draw a weapon” effect, but the deck had no weapons at all.

Warrior deck:
Baku used but had odd AND even cost cards in the deck. (and used little to no duplicates when it could have, since I have more than enough cards)

Still, an amazing new feature! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: