Si:Sefin change

Would it make it “fairer” if the poison inducing murloc was an avenge(4) with the golden version bringing it down to avenge (2/3) instead of double poison

Alternatively, put a limit on the amount of poison sefin can produce, and make the poison only last as long as sefin does, but also probably give sefin themselves poison. something like the following.

Passive: Your trained minions have poison.
Avenge(3) grant 1 Murloc trained as long as you have 2 or fewer trained murlocs.

Golden upgrade
Avenge(3) grant 1 Murloc Trained as long as you have 4 or fewer Trained Murlocs.

Thus sefin still provides multiple minons with poison, but now you need to protect them, and they dont just give your whole field poison, but they start with poison. This does still make them more powerful than the toxic spore, but it already is far more powerful, and this is an overall nerf to murlocs.

SI:Sefin is a Battlegrounds card. Battlegrounds is not a Single Player game. Please check the forum you’re in before posting. :slight_smile:

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