Singleplayer Waste of time

Not even fun when you are stuck on a fight for hours, because incompetent deck design and RNG. do these people even play this game?

on Onyxia @ Book of mercenaries.

how are you stuck? what comp are you using?

I started playing mercenaries like 3 weeks ago, and I’ve done nearly all heroics by now. It’s really not that hard; only mildly challenging and therefore entertaining.

Instead of complaining, maybe look up a guide or something. I assure you, other people have beaten it and you can beat it too.

He is talking about book of mercenaries not mercenaries.

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I would take a break and try another solo adventure. I remember being stuck on a few bosses that I was frustrated on, but eventually overcame. Even if you lose you still get some small gains in experience etc.

Rather than finding faults how about think for a moment to relaize not everyone is like you when it comes to “Hard”. So when they express thier conerns on the matter it maybe confusing for them to understand to get through the progress. Complaining isn’t negative as you’re making it to be we all have the right to express on the matter as long its not personal.

This mode requires players to switch cards around to push through even wehn the tough gets going. This even means to upgrade and level up the cards. I’m really stuck too and I’ve seen pros being stuck at this mode. One of those things to spend money on and test different cards. This mode isn’t a new conept actblizz copy it from other games which works.

I know the feeling I took a break form this and made a new team. Still getting to the same problem and I don’t like spending gold/real money on this mode. So, I been leveling up all cards that I have in case I will come back later if my intrest is still there. =/

Onyxia was definitely tough, but nothing compares to Queen Azshara when using one of the decks that didn’t include Finley. I must have replayed that final fight a hundred times. Just gotta keep at it and get lucky. You have the same deck every time, so think about your cards carefully.

I have a hard time completing Guff Runetiotem’s Story in the Book of Mercenaries. The Party of Adventuerers gets me every time. I simply don’t know how to beat this encounter. There are some encounters which causes one massive headache, but I wouldn’t consider the Solo Moes a waste of time. They are with a few exceptions quite entertaining.