Signature cards - worse than normal?

So hear me out… i open pack, i get signature legendary card. Now there is problem, i have cool looking (probably?) art style legendary but it is non disenchantable… that means when i open normal legendary and it is totally useless i just use it as 400 dust right? When i open the worst legendary of the expansion that nobody will ever use i am stuck with it forever and cant even make use of it. Non craftable? Right, i dont mind… but non destroyable? What is the reason lol…


What card? (20 characters)

It’s a new type of card they added with march (and going forward). It’s some random cosmetic thing, but like op said, you can’t disenchant them. The only upside is they aren’t all legendaries.

It’s a win-win for them: they think you’ll just keep spending more money.

Predatory monetization at its “finest.”

Yeah, but that signature is in the place of a common, so all you’ve lost is five dust.


I presume you’re complaining about a non-disenchantable Diamond variant of a card.

But it’s so hard to tell, because your writing is so poor and unclear. You can’t even answer the ‘which card?’ question with accurate information.

Reading Hearthstone forums: still as much fun as actually playing Hearthstone!

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So they don’t use the same pity timer of normal legendaries? That’s good

You dont probably get me… i try to explain it little better and sorry for my english, i am not from english speaking country. I have 80€ preorder right and you get 2 signature legendary cards when you login first time when expansion release. If i get unlucky i get 2 legendaries that i cant destroy for 800 dust am i right? Then there is that 60€ preorder bundle that get 2 normal legendaries and you can destroy them as normal. I get it that when you open new packs that there are in place of common cards and dont count in legendary pitty timer but i now talk just about legendaries you get instantly from preorder :smiley:


So Blizzard said there is a duplicate protection such that if you pull a signature, you can choose to re-roll the original normal/golden card for free.

If what you are asking is: if you already have the signature, you are worried about getting a duplicate normal/golden, then after re-reading the info on the signature cards, this doesn’t appear explicitly clarified (whether it can happen or not).

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Nope, it’s a seperate pity timer.

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as i understand it, if you roll a signature card, it will replace a common card you would’ve drawn from that pack. so, you don’t lose anything, except a common. if the signature card you pull is a duplicate, it is supposed to offer you the chance to reroll the duplicate card. (not the signature card, but reroll the duplicate in your collection, WITH duplicate protection for the reroll.)

what the op is saying is the largest bundle comes with 2 signature cards instead of 2 random legendaries like the smaller pack. if those legendaries are undesirable they can’t be disenchanted. so you’re stuck with it, and can’t get dust as consolation for a bad legend.


except the big bundle normally had 2 golden legendaries wich you could dust


respectfully, i did notice that.

As an OCD person, who dusts all golden cards, because I don’t want any if it’s not financially feasible to get them all, it does make your chances of getting an all golden collection cheaper, $600-$700 vs $1,000’s. Once you get all the Signature Legendary cards you’ll have a greater chance to get Golden Legendary cards, which I think look way better anyway. In other words, it makes the people on the fence, who want to be whales, hop over to take a swim…

apologies - now the Lich King expansion is open I now know what a signature card is from reaching level 2 of the quest track, where you get given a signature gargoyle, and the option to disenchant it for some other common card.

disenchanting for a common isn’t worth it, so now I have uncraftable gold and diamond AND signature cards cluttering up my deck!

Blizz is really going hard on cosmetics these days, and it’s not just hero skins.