Should I trade 4 legendaries for Shaman Quest?


No way! Those are fantastic cards. The Shaman Quest isn’t that great on ladder.


Its not about the shaman quest.

Its about the 4 leggies you about sacrifice.


I see, it’s true that the trade looks bad. The only reason that might justify it is that I don’t enjoy decks that using those 4 cards. For example, I can’t stand Hunter or Rogue for the last couple expansions. King Farios is the only card that I used recently on Reno Mage, but most streamers cut him by now.

But I will hold off the trade for now, hopefully I would grind enough gold in the next couple weeks to craft Shaman’s Quest. Don’t Blizzard dare to release their solo content by that time or I would have to buy it with cash.

The game is very expensive for people like me who like to chase after trendy decks :).



  • Rogue Quest is so much fun to play and doesn’t even cost that much to build (you need Tess at one point but after that the deck is even playable in Wild with minior changes)
  • Phaoris is a strong cardby himself
  • So is Armagdillo and Dinotamer Brann

NEVER dust legendaries from a current set - especially if they are usefull and actually see play.


Don’t dust legendaries from a new set, unless you know for certain you are done buying packs from that expac.


Troll post?

The only card of those 4 that you could disenchant is the rogue quest. You would be absolutely crazy to dust pharaos (hes good in any deck that uses big spells and has 5 expansions left to go,surely he will be usefull at one point) and pretty crazy to dust bran and arma,but if you NEVER EVER play rogue and hunter then maybe.

Also I would craft the other shaman legendary before I would consider crafting the quest.


The legendaries (except for quest) you have are too bad for dusting. I suggest looking if you can dust any of those:

Dr. Boom
Luna’s Pocket Galaxy
All kinds of quests
Leeroy Jenkins
Conjurer’s Calling

Thank you!


It depends, what you main. BUT, do not dust King Phaoris.

I have set myself a rule, never dust neutral cards, especially not neutral legendaries.

King Phaoris is one of the best legendaries in this expansion and may be part of Shaman decks in future.


I would suggest not to dust legendaries from this expansion yet. Unless you really don’t like any of those classes.

Plus all those you stated are really good.

Dust any Duskfallen Aviana or Millhouse Manastorm or absolutely unplayable legendaries only if you really need dust.


How about you disenchant your Barnes instead ? Mr. Big Priest player.


No. Too many control warriors on ladder. When facing QS it doesn’t matter what they do. Just control and aim for fatigue.


I would dust

Nat Pagle
King Mukla
And maybe eight trash rares

Over any of those cards listed above


I crafted the shaman quest because it’s my favourite class to play. But I find I like Hagatha more than the quest and they don’t really work together.
Thing is, you need to play 6 of your battlecries before you get the quest reward. You’re not going to put 30 battlecries in your deck, you also need support. Some battlecries you’d want to double you might need to play early to survive.
In my short experience, the pay off isn’t that big and shaman has other ways to make battlecries go off twice.

Eta: but if anyone can give me a deckcode I am happy to try to adjust my opinion because I’ve just dabbled a bit myself and didn’t look up any lists. More of a homebrew kinda player (:


it’s a fun deck, it just has a long way to go toward being optimized i think. tons of room to tweak and play with the deck. if you actually enjoy deck building, craft it.

i’m running a package with mechs and arena fanatic, currently 67% winrate. it’s inflated cause of memers in the dumpster, but it feels pretty good.


Ha ha, never. Barnes helped me to get my legend card back, the first time is always special.

So a consensus I see here is Phaoris is good? Is there any deck it can be used outside of Big Spell mage?


Dust the rogue quest if you hate rogue (i think it is fun, tho). Armagedillo too if you’re not into control.

The other two I’d wait on as they might see nerfs and then you can dust them for full value. In general I’d wait about another month to dust anything (including dupes) because of nerfs, if you can afford it.


No. I got it for free on expansion start. Spent all my dust on it, and had only 44% winrate. Disenchanted it and made Highlander hunter and its 57% right now. SO i do not recommend it.


IF Control Priest can find a home, which seems plausible after rotation, Phaoris would slot into the deck easily. Might not be tier-1 deck but I think viable is definitely possible.

Right now Mage and Priest look like the two classes most primed to use Phaoris.


People press the button too much with quest shaman. Unlike dk rexxar or the other hero powers where using every turn is the best course of action, you actually shouldn’t.

You have to weave in turns of hero power. Otherwise you fall behind.


Odd. For me, quest shaman feels like an extremely potent deck that gets hampered by sub-par card choices.