Shield Slam - Zero Damage after Dr. Boom


Ran into a weird one earlier today. Playing on Android. Unfortunately couldn’t grab relevant screenshots, and I wasn’t recording video.

I’m playing Bomb Warrior vs. some sorta’ Miracle Rogue.

I play Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and then pass the turn. My armor is at 7.

My opponent shotguns a bunch of free spells and passes the turn.

On my turn, I cast Shield Slam on the enemy Gadgetzan Auctioneer, and it does… zero damage. I have 7 armor! The heck?

Anyone else run into anything like this? I haven’t been able to replicate yet.


You either had no armour, Shield Slam got Countered/Redirected or the target had Divine Shield, or you were toking too much and slipped into the Nether Realm where life, armour, Shield Slams and Pluto have no meaning.