Sexually harassment not just blizzard

Sexual harassment happens to women all the time and as men, we should treat women with respect. Also, there is the mother of our children and we do not want future generations of them grown-ups to think they can do the same.

Can we keep this forum an hearthstone related forum?

I’m just asking, I am not pretending to choose what people should post or not


I will just want to post that after I attack blizzard for what they did.

I am a man who was sexually harassed by female superiors in two different jobs, in two different states.

It’s not about sex, its about power.


Before any animated shows based on Blizzard games can get into production, Blizzard needs to make their HQ safe for women. Some of Blizz’s best writers are women.

Don’t attack Blizzard. Attack the employees so desperate to get laid, they just assault random women in the workplace.

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