Sexualizing Elise Starseeker


Elise is probably one if my favorite hearthstone characters. She’s matter of fact, hardworking, smartly brained and smartly dressed. So when she was the new hero, I was so excited!!! But then, her avatar turned out to be more of the same…some woman being sexy casting magic. It’s like…why? Elise is prim and proper so why is she going around with a shirt half done and no iconic neck-tie? She was a tribute to androgynism and a tribute to women who like dressing conservatively. Do any of the other male characters twist their torsos to show of their kissable necks and sexy boobage? Definitely not. They are either in a forward facing power stance or doing action shots with their weapons. There are several ladies who do that. And I love Blizzard because of that. But there are also more than half that are in the sexy twist-torso profile poses. Who stands like that??? With their back curved so their profile chest and butt curves somehow both manage to make it in the shot even though their head is facing forward? Some ladies like showing off their skinny, sexy, selves. But not most. And not Elise. Why Elise???