Secret mage rant

I am so tired of what Blizzard turned mage into and the thing that gets me most is the fact that Blizz gave other classes cards that they will never allow mage to have.
For instance: In WoW mages had Spellsteal, but in this game only priest is allowed Thoughtsteal, why? Survey says: “Too good for mage.”
This expansion rogues were given Blackjack Stunner and Shadowjeweler Hanar. Can anyone imagine the screaming We would hear if Mage had anything remotely similar?
Hunter was given Phase Stalker and Hyena Alpha. Again; were mage allowed anything this good for their secret package, the screams for nerfs would fill the entire wall of this forum.
I played Secret mage when it was worth a crud until they killed it,
saying things like: “it was too good” “We have to keep the meta fresh, blah blah, blah”.
I think What they really meant is: “We intend to give other classes cards that support secrets and give mage slot machine trash.”
Bring my secret mage back, Blizzard.


Spellbender and Mana Bind are both closer to what Spellsteal is in WoW than Thoughtsteal is. You could probably also throw Mirror Entity and Frozen Clone into that category, but that would be a stretch.

While I would love to see a version of Spellsteal in Hearthstone, claiming that Thoughtsteal of all things is a better version is pretty silly.

There have been screams about many of the following at one time or another: Kabal Lackey, Arcanologist, Ancient Mysteries, Medivh’s Valet, Arcane Flakmage, Kirin Tor Mage, Cloud Prince and Kabal Crystal Runner.

Mage may not currently have as many big impact Secret synergy cards in Standard as Hunter does, but it has definitely had a lot of options like Phase Stalker and Hyena.

Secret Mage is still there in Wild if you want to play it there.

Locking Mage or any other class into a single mechanic-based evergreen archetype (like Secrets) is bad for Standard.


You complain about this game too much.

Mage secret cards are not bad; they just were too spread out to make it cohesive. Hyena Alpha and Phase Stalker are no less different for Hunter’s gameplay than Medivh’s Valet and Kabal Crystal Runner for Mage. This is why Standard Secret Mage is trash, but Wild Secret Mage has been in the range of T1 to bottom T2 for over a year, dropping only when busted combo decks like Sn1pSn4p and Quest Mage took over.

The problem with Mage’s Secrets is that Mage’s Secrets are supplementary and tech related whereas Hunter’s Secrets synergize with the midrange playstyle. The expansions for mage secret synergy have never been close enough to where you could make a cohesive deck using the secrets, but rather you use a secret here and there to supplement the rest of your deck (i.e. flameward to board clear, ice block to sustain, counterspell for bait and trap, and so on). Hunter secrets, on the other hand, all follow the midrange playstyle. They vary in what they do, but there is enough cohesiveness to the gameplan of hunter that they can run a few secrets to play along with midrange plan. It’s only when they get supplemental cards like Phase Stalker and Hyena Alpha when Hunter Secret playstyles become more prominent. Otherwise they’re just average cards without much synergy.

Rogue’s Secret Playstyle is honestly held together simply cause Shadowjeweler and Blackjack Stunner are very powerful cards. The Kobolds and Catacombs secrets hardly saw play cause there was lack of synergy.


I don’t think Thoughtsteal is a better version of anything. I think that mage will never be given Spellsteal. Too good for Mage,
but TS is just fine for Priest, apparently.

Tell it to face hunter.

I love this comment for two reasons:

  1. You claim to know Mage will never get “Spellsteal” card in the future.
  2. You already know how the said card would work since you say it’s “too good” already. :joy:

How do you DO it, Mallenroh? How do you know all this? Are you from the future? Are you a mind reader? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

As Jaina would say; “Amazing!” :astonished:


Just me thinks:) Glad you love my comments. I enjoy making others smile.
Tell you what; Should Mage ever be given Spellsteal I will gladly stand corrected,
but I will wager you that one day after it is released this forum will be filled with nerf requests.

Okay. What does the card text say? How much mana does it cost? Just curious to know how you envision it.

No idea. I don’t really believe it will ever be printed.

Wow. What a disappointment.

Since Mallenroh doesn’t have an idea of what Spellsteal might look like, here’s one idea I had of how they might do it:

Spellsteal 5 Mana Mage Spell
Remove all Keywords, Deathrattles, Effects and Buffs from an enemy minion. Give each to a random friendly minion.

I’d maybe put the mana cost around 4 or 5. It needs to be cheap enough to see use based on the typical amount of stuff that you could steal (probably only one or two things for many decks), while being expensive enough that it doesn’t feel absurdly cheap when you are able to use it on a very high-value target.

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Except they locked mage into being an RNG slot machine and Everytime mage gets something else THE COMMUNITY goes here to lock mage at RNG slot machine archtypes again.


Stop talk talk like this game has any design philosophy other than change whatever the community rants about.
It not has.


Question: Would your idea give multiple effects to a single friendly card? Or; would each minion receive one effect and the rest be burned if you did not have enough minions?

I think with something like that it should be able to give a single minion multiple effects. The random targeting for redistributing the effects is to make the interaction easier and faster to execute, especially when used against a minion with a lot of steal-able effects.

The idea is interesting but I still think the community would complain until it was changed to be useless.
They have made mage as janky as possible and players still complain about it incessantly.

Mage has Best secrets. They all ready generate a lot of spells. Also secret mage it’s popular in wild.

Secret mage only exists in Wild. It’s been dead in Standard for a long time.

A lot of decks are dead in standard. It’s better this way. Secret mage was an abomination.

But Secret Rogue and Hunter are fine while Mage has exactly One viable deck that depends on the game playing for you. Got it.

Every class had his time being s tier. Maybe next year mage will be s tier in standard. Mage was s tier for a long time in wild.

It is a good deal, making mage to be regular in standard while in wild it can oppress everyone :v. But at least could give more variety of mage archetypes in standard :v?
I still expecting elemental mage to be competitive since Un’goro: v