Saving rotating packs


With J2U, KOFT and KoC rotating out, you may have heard that we get one pack of each by logging in after 25th March.

Now year of the Mammoth was not my era, but neither am I interested in playing wild… And I do have some fond memories of a few cards in this set (deathstalker rexxar, crackling razormaw, Shadow Anduin, and more)… So is anyone else here going to save the 3 packs as kind of a keepsake?

Opening them has little value if you don’t play wild, but having them sitting there is kind of a reminder of the times your shared in


There are quite a few people who do this. I currently have one unopened pack from every expansion + classic and one golden classic pack. Slows down pack openings as I can’t just lean on the space bar, but it is cool to see them all in the rack on the left.


Ya’ll are high, being sentimental and sh!t on things that didn’t exist.
It’s not even likely that you can leave them as inheritance for your grandchildren.


With my collection the look of the packs in the tray is worth more to me than the 5 cards that might be inside the pack. As Marie Kondo says…it brings me Joy :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Mary Anne Lee) #7

That’s such a neat idea. I honestly always greedily open all my packs but I’m very impressed each time with how unique and cool each pack is. I’m going to try to do this from now on!


i guess u can keep one just to look at it. i had a bunch and ive had to open them recently. i would love the option to swap unopened packs for other packs though, that would be much more useful than some sentimental nonsense


It’s only 100 gold equivalent, so I kind of like the look of one of each set just sitting there. The dust value isn’t important, but it serves as a reminder and just looks nice


I’m keeping a knight of the frozen throne pack for a while. Hail to the king baby.


i am of the same, i have unopen pack from each expansion and as 4 is my fav number, i always keep 4 packs from each expansion unopen


How often do you get golden packs? As the one for the preorder for rise of the dragons will be my first


Golden packs are very limited. We have only ever had the opportunity to get 3 so far. The 4th one will come if you buy all of the wings of the upcoming single player content.


Yeh I’ll be doing that. Might save the pack lol


will do too, and i will complete my 4 unopened packs of each type!