Sacrificial pact - a big and logical change needed

I suggest the following - Destroy a friendly demon. Restore 5 health to your hero.

IMO it’s just dumb to have a card that potentially completely counters another class (demon hunter)

It used to be a joke card and would mainly be used to either cheat your voidlords in wild with voidcallers or sacrifice a token for some health, but now the card is completely overpowered against any type of Demon Hunter because their entire class revolves around having a lot of demons.

It’s even worse if the Demon Hunter tries to go with a big demon deck theme. The warlock will just laugh at him and destroy his 8 drop demon for 0 mana.

Now that Demon Hunter exists, seems kinda dumb to have this card in the classic set.

It doesn’t just counter DH, it also counters other warlocks who want to run demons.


IMO is just dumb that demons don’t have a baclash to the player playing them like the original warlock demons.


A sac pact nerf thread.

So it is said, so it it done.


Yes. It doesn’t make sense to have a new class that almost only gets demons in his set to have that kind of counter.

And sacrificial pact will be around forever, meaning that DH will be punished by warlock players forever.

Is that logical to you ? What if they printed a 0 mana card that destroys a dragon or a beast and restores 5 health to your hero ? Would that be fine ?


Sack pack was here first so DH should go.


Don’t know what to tell you buddy, tech cards exist for a reason. There are crabs that dominate murloc builds, there are crabs that kill pirates. there’s black night for taunts, there’s hearthstone indian jones for big weapons. And yes some classes counter other classes, such as rogue vs paladin. REalistically it’s a huge tempo swing but not something that needs nerfing as long as powerful over the top demons exist in the meta.


we need a crab for demons.


Put it at 1 mana and it’s fine. Only interaction I would change for it is not targeting Jaraxxus. It’s sad how the most fun and iconic classic Legendary gets Powercreeped with Guldan and limited with its terrible tempo play and Zephrys bait.


after the nerfs in this thread
the demons hunters strike back


Nerf…sac pact?

You’ve got to be kidding, right?

I’d much prefer some mild buffs to dh over nerfing sac pact of all cards lol.


Except that; almost every good minions in the Demon Hunter sets are… demons.

Demon Hunters are forced to play demons and guess what ? This is their class identity, that will remain the same for the upcoming expansions.

You’re not forced to play murlocs as a paladin. You’re not forced to play pirates as a warrior. You are not forced to play beasts as a hunter.

The problem isn’t that sac pac is an overpowered card. The problem is that it counters an ENTIRE class. And because DH is new, people will mostly be playing the class for the upcoming months, making pac even stupider.


“It’s just dumb to have a card that potentially completely counters another class”

WHAT? Every class should have a weakness.

If it’s sac pact for demon hunter, so be it. Try your best to work around it.

As Geoxyx stated tech cards exist for a reason. There needs to be counters in the game. I’m glad they exist so I can think of ways to beat certain decks.


No, I’m serious. If dh is honestly seriously falling off due to warlock prevalence, then I think a light buff or 2 isn’t a bad idea.

Of course I’d prefer they buff cards catering to a more mr/control style then aggro.


What’s the equivalent of Sacrificial pact to other classes ?

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You aren’t forced to play demons as dh Kael’thas dh is one of the best variants and runs next to no demons.


The 2 mana loatheb paladin spell to mage?

And don’t tell me you aren’t forced to play spells as mage lol.


DH has 2 high tier 2 decks as well 1 middle tier 2 in the form of Big Demon DH, in addition to being insanely popular ATM. No buffs are neccessary

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I haven’t had time to check, just based on bees feedback if warlock was keeping the classes head under the water id be fine with buffs, If it’s not then of course they aren’t necessary.

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I warrant a class needing buffs if it has no tier 2 deck and is sub-45% global winrate. Don’t worry, I dont think DH will be there anytime soon.


That’s a terrible suggestion lol