Rise of Shadows Q&A - April 22, 2019


I also appreciate the time to interact and respond. Looking forward to seeing how you address some of aforementioned decks/cards that make for very unfun interactions in Wild. I’m hoping the action doesn’t die with these posts.


Thank you so much for taking some time to answer some of our burning questions.

I would like to hear your stance on unnerfing cards. When do you feel it is right to revert changes like you did with Molten Giant? Do you plan on changing nerfed cards that are rotated into wild in the future?


Have team 5 ever considered collection achievements for reward cosmectics?

I feel like it would be really cool to use portraits to show that you did stuff like:

Collect all warrior cards of the year of raven.

(Hadidjah Chamberlin) #339

Yeah, we’re talking about a bunch of different smaller goodies that we could use for more frequent, low-key rewards. We don’t have a super solid timeline for them yet, but there are a lot of different things we’re talking about and scoping out as possible rewards/cosmetics/etc.


Is the 2vs2 mode really something you can’t speak about?

(Hadidjah Chamberlin) #341

Not on the RoS board, no.
The volcano was kind of a special case where we just couldn’t not do a gigantic eruption (and the Troll gates kinda wrote themselves as well :P), but we approach boards with the base goal of designing a clean, awesome board first and then fitting appropriate clickables to that (very generally speaking - we all sit right next to each other so there’s a lot of back and forth and “Hey what if we added…” between everyone as well).
Those secret interactions are really fun for us to make, and we always bat a ton of clickable ideas (of varying levels of practicality) around, but we want to make sure they make sense with the board rather than trying to find a way to force a crazy interaction into every single one at the cost of the overall design or blowing our entire clickable budget on one thing.:stuck_out_tongue:

(Hadidjah Chamberlin) #342

Glimmerroot, I love that lil’ guy.<3 I think he’s a great card, but also I’m super attached to his FX because they were really fun to make, so I’m biased.:slight_smile:


Priest is in such a poor position at this time. What is going to be done to help them now and in the future?

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Yo happy birthday!:smiley:


Where’s Tournament mode? That was a feature myself and many others have requested ever since the game first came out. To have it promised during Year of the Raven only for it to get delayed indefinitely left a sense of betrayal in our hearts.


Yes where is the tournament mode that was promised?

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I think he really wanted to make himself something cool that the League could rally around, but Togwaggle got super confused about how many fingers it was supposed to have so he gave up and just glued the staff to his arm.:frowning:

(This is actually canon, we have some very stupid conversations at team breakfasts.)

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That’s awesome, glad to hear it!:smiley:

We’re working on ways to get Hero Skins out more often! There are two primary reasons there’ve been relatively few historically - the main one just being that we want them to continue to be something a little more rare and special (something rarer/higher-impact than card backs, for instance). We don’t want the game to get oversaturated with them, but we know they’re something that people really love so we are looking for ways to release more. On the practical side, a lot of that’s just come down to workload (for instance, on VFX they’re one of the two most time-consuming pieces in the game for us, along with pack openings). We’ve been adding some ways lately (and are working on some more) to make the whole process faster, both for FX and everyone else involved, while still keeping them looking rad, so hopefully that’ll help with getting more Hero Skins out to y’all as well.:slight_smile:


Any chance you revert the nerf to Emerald Spellstone? The card was strong in standard but fine in Wild. The card feel too slow now in comparison to aggro decks or early big minion decks.

(Hadidjah Chamberlin) #351

We are.:slight_smile: Obviously these are conversations that take place across/between the entire team, but on the art side we’ve been having a lot of chats recently about our part in those and what’ll make for cool rewards.


Is there any chance we’ll see some sort of survivability options for kingsbane rogue? I really miss the slower version, and I hope that at some point I’ll be able to play something similar again.


You don’t need need survivability when you win the game by turn 6 with kingsbane rouge.


It would also be nice to have a separate ladder with faster turn limits. Tired of being intentionally roped by opponents.


if thats stuff you have at team breakfasts id love to hear more about those stupid ideas/conservations.


Is there a plan to add a setting to permanently disable emotes? Emote spamming and BM sometimes can be discouraging.