Rise of Shadows pre-purchase temporarily disabled


What about the people who didn’t greedily rush out and pre-order the expansion. Will they also receive a free golden legendary? (In addition to the one from Rise of Shadows)


I echo your sentiment except for how you call prompt people “greedy”

Contrary to what the news and social media may suggest… everyone can’t be first, or equal.

When there is a free for all, don’t be meek and complain because you weren’t quick enough.

But yes, I like free stuff too and wouldn’t mind getting the benefit given by a mistake. I just don’t begrudge those people who got what they got.


Indeed; spending that kind of money on pixels is the opposite of greed.


Is there a way I can get a priest hero portrait without spending $80?


I 100000% recommend not playing Wild, but to each their own. The more cards that come out, the more out of control it’s going to become. There will be 1 or 2 OP OP OP decks that everyone is going to play so either:

  1. 50% of games are a mirror match; or
  2. You don’t have those cards and it’s insta-concede.

But like I say, to each their own.


There is not. You used to be able to buy them for $10 each, but now they only seem to come in the big bundles.


What about Tyrande? Blizz has said she’s coming back, does this mean she probably isn’t?


Me too, same situation here…


But what about the Arena? Its stuck authenticating. Is this related?

(Mary Anne Lee) #22

If you are trying to purchase an Arena ticket it’s likely related to the shop, and that’s still in the process of getting fixed.


How much longer will it take before it is fixed. would love to get my new priest hero soon


I wasnt trying to purchase an Arena ticket. Meaning i hadnt clicked the fee to enter yet. But i need one to enter.


So I pre purchased bundle for $80, I got confirmation email. But when I logged in I didn’t received anything, no card, no hero, nothing. Will it be fixed?


I was told to post here in hope a dev sees this message that the mobile client is down, or stuck in an update purgatory for me on an android. Redirects me to the app store to update hs once hs is opened, yet no update exists.


Welcome to purgatory my friend. :hugs:

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The shop is back online and Rise of Shadow packs are ready for pre-purchase once again! As a reminder, if you received an incorrect legendary or golden legendary card, you will still get a random Rise of Shadows legendary or golden legendary card with the expansion launch. All shop-related actions should also start coming back online. Thank you for your patience with us as we got this all sorted out.

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The mobile patch was delayed as we had to sort out the prior issue in this thread. We’re working on it!

Game cant continue after each game/ IOS Client crashes after prepurchasing the new expansion
Game crashing on iPhone and mac laptop

Anyone else having the problem where the UI doesn’t progress after end of match. I have to quit out and login again each time I play a game.


I was told by a GM to post here as well. I was able to purchase the pre-order before the shop went down, but after purchasing it this morning my Hearthstone account has been stuck in a loading Purgatory. The game loads to the Hearthstone Box before it opens with the Spinning Ring around the Hearthstone logo and just stays there stuck. I have this issue on this account regardless of where I log into the account (Phone, Tablet or Desktop)

I have logged into my Daughter’s account, as well as my Dad’s account and both of those accounts are working normally. Neither of those accounts have purchased the pre-order yet so I am assuming it has something to do with that.

I went through with a GM and did the usual stuff, reinstalled the game, scan and repair , check for updates, etc etc and still nothing has worked.


Just give up on them already. They are deliberately ignoring our comments.