Ridiculous Pairings

Made my husband a referral account tonight. He has played WoW, but not Hearthstone. I showed him how to disenchant cards and helped him start on a budget Hunter Deck.

He’s played 5 ranked games at 40 Apprentice…

4 of 5 had Renethal, epics, last one had GOLDEN Nightcloak Sanctum.

Seriously? These weren’t noobs by ANY stretch of the imagination…

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They can probably still get renathal for free with the first castle nathria pack.

He has not gotten him yet :thinking:

If that was me, sorry. I play mostly mercs, and used to play mostly arena. I play about 2 hours a week, so am no where near even halfway out of apprentice, but have been around long enough to accumulate packs from streams, legendaries from prime, other random stuff, so I have a good legendary or two and some 1 off epics.

Just checked my most recent deck: 9 legendaries - mostly free (Sir Finley, Brann, Okani, Renethal, etc) and 2 epics.

Renathal is free and isnt nightcloak just a rare?

So what you’re saying is, after referring someone to a blizz product, they had an “unpleasant” experience… hmm yes

Isn’t that so new and fresh from blizzard making you feel bad lol… haha buy like500 dollars worth of cards then you can die on turn 4 lol haha great game…

Games made Billions. BILLIONS… lol forums are all;

“Game wont work”
“Wheres my cards”
“Why is this happening”