Ridiculous Pairings

Made my husband a referral account tonight. He has played WoW, but not Hearthstone. I showed him how to disenchant cards and helped him start on a budget Hunter Deck.

He’s played 5 ranked games at 40 Apprentice…

4 of 5 had Renethal, epics, last one had GOLDEN Nightcloak Sanctum.

Seriously? These weren’t noobs by ANY stretch of the imagination…

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They can probably still get renathal for free with the first castle nathria pack.

He has not gotten him yet :thinking:

If that was me, sorry. I play mostly mercs, and used to play mostly arena. I play about 2 hours a week, so am no where near even halfway out of apprentice, but have been around long enough to accumulate packs from streams, legendaries from prime, other random stuff, so I have a good legendary or two and some 1 off epics.

Just checked my most recent deck: 9 legendaries - mostly free (Sir Finley, Brann, Okani, Renethal, etc) and 2 epics.

Renathal is free and isnt nightcloak just a rare?