Rexxar vs Daelin Proudmoore

Can someone please tell me how to defeat this F’er. I have played 3 games against him, and he just has infinite value and so much health you can’t smorc him. I don’t care if you beat him, I don’t want to hear you boast, I just need advice on how to beat him. I tried to smorc him, all I have are secrets. I tried to control the board, he uses 3 eyes of the storm. I tried to fatigue him, he has an absurd amount of health. Someone please tell me how to beat him, or Blizzard just don’t give him 3 eyes of the storm. Who thought that was a good idea? There is a 2 card limit for a reason.


Well, I did it on the third attempt. I focused on clearing the minions generated by his hero power. With that and some luck, I got him. Now stuck on the next boss :slight_smile:


The last boss defeated by using traps, protecting them, copying them.

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I see what you mean, Gorgrom is so stupid. He has 4 Maulers in his deck. I don’t know if he has more than 4 but how is that fair? Also I tried keeping my Gorgrom trap alive but it just wasn’t cool, the brutes just kept destroying my stuff

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I was wondering what you meant about Gorgrom: I had him down to 14 health while I was still at 30 and I still had plenty of resources. Then he used Dimensional Ripper for 2 Bloodmaul Ogres, and it all went downhill from there.

Fortunately, the next game I drew a Gorgrom Trap, and it lead me to victory even with failing to copy it (random attack went to a Snake instead).


I’m in the same boat. I can’t catch a break with him.

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WTF Blizzard?! What the Hell?? Its like impossible and if you win its pure luck… please play your games before realise…
No fun at all… sad! need a VERY HUGH Nerf…

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I’m stuck too into Proudmoore :frowning:

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Just keep trying. It took me 3 attempts as well.

What they said above: the key to winning is using the traps well. Keep playing minions each turn and let them respond with removal until they are low on cards in hand. Then, the odds of a trap sticking are higher once they have played bladestorm and stuff.

One way to abuse the bad AI is to have them trigger snake trap. They saw them as 3 individual threats that must be dealt with immediately and used 2 cards and a weapon swing which was a huge waste of resources.

Go face with the weapon when you can and let secrets recharge it. It takes a bit of luck. The deck has some bad cards in it and you need to just not draw them. Tracking can help skip over them.

edit: whoops I was thinking of a different enemy. yeah, just hero power a lot and don’t let him keep a ship on the board for as long as you can.


Control the board early, he usually doesn’t get too out of control on the board until around turn 8 or so. Plan on using your hero power every turn, it really helps for clearing his taunts. Hold your last charge of Eaglehorn Bow always (unless it’s lethal) and let it recharge off secret procs. My undepleting bow damage was the difference in try #4. To that effect, your secrets are your most powerful tools, you need to think about how to use them to help you minimize his board. It’s a different playstyle for hunter for sure, you are almost playing “control hunter” which should never exist and feels awkward, but smorc’ing him simply won’t work.

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This has been difficult and not very fun. They give you a shot deck and expect you to win against a powerhouse. And the blah blah blah before and just as the game is starting makes doing this over and over again stupid. I don’t even want to try anymore. I’ve done the final more times then I can count. Not going to keep doing it until I “get lucky” this is suppose to be a fun game of skill. Yes there is some chance involved like card draw but it should all be a sh*t show. Very disappointed in this solo adventure. Hearthstone really screwed the pooch on this one. Would not recommend!


I already finished the whole adventure! :smiley:

I’m sure you’ve defeated him by now, but I found that the key is to never let the ships from his hero power survive. When they start pulling free minions onto the board, you’ll be overwhelmed very quickly. He killed me the first try, but on my second attempt, I prioritized killing those ships and slowly beat him down. But it’s tough. If he ever gets one of those to survive and go off and then puts a second one out, you’re pretty much dead.


took me 3 tries finally won when he decided to only play one eye of the storm that game -.-

I’ve tried making that my focus every time- is it basically just up to luck? I always use my hero power but my cards inevitably suck. This is like my 25th attempt I’m so fed up with it!


This particular enemy is based on luck of the draw. That is the worst design for a match. Just terrible. Not fun. Not even considered “challenging”. You have to be lucky to even have a chance. Please reconsider. Or let us make a deck to play against Proudmoore.

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Yeaaah… cursing the game at Daelin at the moment. At least we can try these again right away.
Well, the previous 8 boss runs have the card pack and special card choices that help, but I hate those too, just because you need to start from the beginning of the run every time you lose.
Anyways, Daelin still brings to my mind the times I went through naxx heroic, especially the dragon there required like 100+ starts to get just the right combination of cards to get through it.

It took me many, many tries. Ultimately what I found to be key were the following, which, obviously, depend on luck of the drawn, literally:

Clear the war ships. Use your hero power + eaglehorn bow. Do not use the bow for face attacks, save it for the +2 the ships have after you use your hero power. if you don’t clear the warship on turn 4, start over.

Save Freezing Trap for his turn 8. Usually he will cast the life fountain minion on this turn – returning it to his hand and adding 2 cost means it becomes 10 point which also throws off his mojo for casting Eye of the Storm on turn 10. (This is ultimately what allowed me to win.)

Save your kill shots for late-game clears (and emergency boat clears, ONLY, as a last resort.)

Be very strategic about casting your secrets, specifically the one which does 4 damage to a minion, and the insta-kill. Don’t blindly cast all your secrets just because you can. Use them to recharge your bow.

Use your hyenas to help clear boats if you must, but try to keep them for face damage because you don’t get many minions at all to build your board. (Resort to hero power and bow, as noted above, for boats, whenever possible.)

Kill commands - you could use these for dealing with boats, again, as last resort, but best used synergy with hyenas for face damage, IMHO. (But again – clear the boats at all costs.)

last. Wish for lots of luck. This battle is very dependent on just the right draw. Compared to Daelin, the last boss was a total cakewalk. FYI.

(It’s not impossible, but I do think Blizzard needs to adjust this enoucnter a little bit.)

Had him at 2 health, then got two turns in a row the 6 + 2 damage to whole board. Then the 3 elemental taunts afterwards.
This is so stupid. I would choose the Jaina run-through -difficulty every time before this kind of crap. It is not fun, or engaging, or anything except pure frustration, when you need to get specific draws, and still you have absolutely no chance, unless the big spells for the enemy are all at the bottom of his deck.

Edit: And not a single kill command during the game for me.
Maybe the ships could have been 2/5? So the wyverns could kill one straight up? Even that could make this somewhat more possible?

You have to have at least 2/3 mob up on turn 3, so he does not fork lightning or melee it down, so you can kill the 4th turn ship.
Then you need to have a new mob up at 4th turn, so you can get the 5th turn ship, and you have to hope he does not have fork in hand again.
Kill command, Cairne (charging), wyverns, nothing is enough to kill the ship straight away. And the opponent does really good on keeping your side clean.
If he gets to hit even one turn with his walking fountain, he is pretty much out of range for face damage and its a concede, again. Every single thing must go just right.

Yeah, he cannot get a mob on turn 2 and turn 3, because then you do not have anything on board to kill the boat on turn 4. One more thing that must go right.

Got through Daelin, with really good start with poison snake that he could not remove, getting cairne from horde hero and the charging cairne the next turn. Main thing was, I was able to remove the first two ships with one poison snake, and then I was able to continue removing the next two using the bow.

Then I went to fight with Gorgrom, and while he seems to be not as bad as Daelin, me having … well, basically only the traps, and Gorgrom having deck full of removals and 6/8 that summon 2x 2/2 etc, I think my time is best spent elsewhere.

When I learned that the previous 8 boss runs do not save after each boss, I never touched them again. And while this one does save after each boss, it still tastes too much like hero naxx with the stars-align -stupidity.
Yes, I do think making solo challenges is not easy for HS. Maybe there are lots of people who love these. For me, the more I hated the 8-boss runs, the less I played the whole game.
Maybe I should just uninstall… More time for Warframe :slight_smile:

This game was so fun when we had like the classic set and maybe 1-2 sets. The explorers -solo adventure was also fun.
Anyways, thanks for the tips and take care all.