Rewards Track Refresh for Voyage to the Sunken City

he nd i are brothers. he a fox, i a cat. please forgive him for being sly. thats what foxes do.

all memes aside i think it was genuine

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I’ve seen that post and variations of it so many times I’ve lost count. The quotes are nearly verbatim. That’s how many times it happens to people.

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give unto others good faith. maybe the possibility is low but such is kindness to a stranger to perceive them as genuine

I did the first few times, thinking it was someone acting in good faith. Then it became apparent that zero empathy for players, and defending the company at all costs is the default and only setting. Don’t take my word for it: observe any thread where someone posts a question, concern, or issue with the company.

Better still, ask for one example of a negative the company has done. The sun will consume the solar system before you get a non deflecting answer. There’s a subset of people determined to drive people of the forums who question the idea that the game is anything but perfect, and the devs and company are anything but the epitome of game design.

And woe to those who post otherwise. And the worst part is they are allowed to violate coc with impunity.

but we got those

did you check for unopened packs ? it was the first thing i did when i logged in and the packs were there

the notification was bugged but we got the rewards

it doesnt matter if the screen was bugged and i didnt see the boxes to click for the rewards… the packs were there and thats all i cared about
if you check reddit or other posts here youll find out it was a visual bug

I also didn’t see any articles about special rewards for the March…

yes but outside of those three packs we didnt get any other rewards promised for achieving a certain ranking. gold, dust, some didnt get there epic or rare cards.
it all varied from person to person too.

Rinse and repeat. This rewards track/grind experience is getting boring.

I can’t wait when the Team 5 will announce the next year for Hearthstone!!!

So many thoughts and hypothesis about the symbol of the next year…

My quest disappeared, so it looks like it ends now. Sure would have been nice to know, but Blizzard never mentioned this from what I could see. I thought we had another week to finish it…

WHOA! New lines!

Always go with “less time than you think” with timed events. Even when there is a timer. Because an unscheduled maintenance or fickle devs mean you could get screwed out of something that will either never show up again, or you have to pay a ton of money for when they dump it in the shop because of their unhinged greed.

Agreed. I was about 200 honor away from high warlord, but it’s not in my primary region, and I already have Drek and Van, so I didn’t feel like staying up way too late to finish it that night lol.

Would be VERY nice to have some transparency on timed events, though. It’s a pretty frustrating user experience to have to guess when the hell timed events end.

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Those all sound cool to me TBH I’m not picky at all I just want some diversity they could be established characters new characters or joke characters I just wish they would branch out more sometimes I wonder if the mass making of hero portraits is what destroyed creativity when they never made them everything was unique king rhastakan nzoth nemsy nzoth mechajarraxus medivh king magni alleria, hazelbark, sir annoyo. It was when they started mass making the portraits when the creativity flew out the window imo

I wish they wouldn’t keep gifting cards that are ‘uncraftable’ as they are basically dead weight (if they don’t see play) and you can’t even disenchant them for dust. At least when they rotate out of Standard this restriction should be lifted. Similarly with Diamond Trash cards. I have no desire to keep these cards - they just look out of place in my collection, having 2 random cards looking massive next to the rest. By all means gift them - but make them useable as a resource.

I never play Mercenaries (or have any intention of doing so) - so that’s a wasted ‘reward’ also. Perhaps a better approach would be to allow players to select the ‘theme’ of their reward track (e.g. Hearthstone, BG or Mercenaries) and receive more rewards tailored to what they play.

I have bought the Tavern Pass in previous years but it’s now filled with so much rubbish I won’t use - I’m not going to bother.

Making card backs and portraits dustable and craftable would be a great step forwards too.

I think that it reffers to the monthly rewards that they are giving in Prime Gaming, but I’m not sure.

Bro it’s a typo calm down… Also they’ve made it clear what they’re doing with the whole geopolitical crisis right now but good on you for finding that page which they haven’t updated with a disclaimer. Grow up.

is there any announcement on whether or not they will grant players with an active 6mo sub to WoW the tavern pass for free like they did recently? or was that only a 1 time thing?

I am a 6 months subscriber, the last two expansions i was granted for free the tavern pass and several free packs.

Can we have an announcement to know if we will be granted these free items again?
To be honest, this not a good manner to keep your customers if you remove these 6 months rewards without notice.

At least you have to warn us that we will no longer have such bonus because i was counting on it to build few decks.

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Wouldn’t count on it. The free Tavern Pass(es) were part of a WoW cross promotion from back in july, which specifically stated that you would get a tavern pass for the next 2 upcomming HS expansions (along with some other goodies).

Looks like you need to calm down, “bro.” Because it looks like poking fun at a multibillion dollar company that can’t bother to hire proofreaders and being hypocritical on its inclusivity really got you riled up for some reason.

Maybe you should “grow up” and realize that the kind of mindset that’s going on right now of casual racism against an entire people group just for being from a country is what led to internment camps in actiblizz’s home country, and other dark and unsavory parts of human history worldwide. Plus a whole lot of other human rights abuses going on right now that actblizz and others are turning a blind eye to because it impacts their bottom line more. Yes, they made it perfectly clear they’re willing to silence actual stands against human rights abusers, but will take zero risk fluff stances and commit racist acts against entire people groups that have little to no impact on their profits. Call me when they divest from tencent and boycott their home country; you know, the one that’s had actual concentration camps for nearly a full decade.