Rewards Track Refresh for Voyage to the Sunken City

Rewards Track Refresh for Voyage to the Sunken City

It’s almost time for the first Rewards Track refresh of the next Hearthstone year!

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Dear Blizzard team! Thank You for new rewards for ratings, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries! My favourite day is that day when You announce new rewards track from every expansion! Everytime I learn a list from table very attentively, all positions! Today I was very surprised! I dream to get in my collection new wonderful heroes and interesting portraits from heroes life (when they are young or in the future), amazing card backs, new diamond and golden cards, coins! Thank You for all this! Great work! Wish You a good luck and new creative ideas!


List says “Nightborne Arianna (Demon Hunter)” as one of the skins. Shouldn’t it be “Aranna”, or is this a new character?

Is the Alterac honor event ends torromow or with expansion release next week?

I think that it will end when the new card expansion will release! It will be at April 12…

I hope we get some new Diamonds and Coins for previous expansions

how can i buy track awards in Russia? Why do you publish an announcement on the site in the ru segment if I can’t buy it?


I think that it will be a new skin for Demon Hunter - Aranna Starseeker…

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fitting that I should hear the sirens call for this rewards track $.

Kind of disapointed that Queen Azshara isnt the diamond card. But Sir Finley is good too.


Still hoping for some diversity in hero portraits for races and things that don’t get a lot of representation. Theres still no worgen (witchwood failed us) pandaren, I cant think of a goblin besides dr boom, velf, male draenei, vulpera, vrykul, hozen, ogre, gnoll, quilboar, kobold, Im sure theres lot of others. All I’m saying is the game is coming up on a decade soon please less Jaina, Thrall, and Anduin, and more new things or super cool stuff like nzoth ragnaros and deathwing.

I also want to see some unusual and extraordinary heroes and I think that during next card expansions or festive events we will see new famous and popular characters from “World of Warcraft”, like:

  1. Chen Stormstout (Pandaren)…
  2. Taran Zhu (Pandaren)…
  3. Kiro (Vulpera)…
  4. Genn Greymane (Worgen)…
  5. Blackhand (Orc)…
  6. Zovaal the Jailer (Eternal One)…
  7. Halondrus (Mechanical)…
  8. Ve’nari (Broker)…
  9. Bwonsamdi (Loa)…
  10. Winter Queen (Eternal One)…
  11. General Draven (Stoneborn)…
  12. Mikanikos (Steward)…
  13. Goliath (Mechanical)…

What do You think about that?

Do you think they even know, if the multibillion dollar company can’t be bothered to hire someone to proofread its aanoucements?

So much this. How about some that much vaunted “inclusiveness” you falsely advertise, actiblizz?

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re located—if you’re a member of our evolving and vibrant community, working with us at one of our offices around the globe, or taking a piece of Blizzard with you —you’re welcome here.”

hey we gana address the rewards for march not coming in? i know its off topic but its been radio silent after that april fools joke.

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Not impressed, but still better than the rewards from the “Fractured in Alterac Valley” expansion. The first Rewards Track was the best - great skins for great characters.

what rewards from march ? is this some special reward i havent heard about ?

The table in an article does not display correctly in the client (as always). Fix it

i’m very bad at explaining things. At the start of each month the rank resets for wild and standard. i only play standard so i cant speak on the other side but at the end of the month when the rank resets, depending on your rank you get rewarded.

off the top of my head it was gold, packs, rares, epics, legendaries, and dust.
at the start of this month, april 1st we had april fools day. So when people got no rewards and a bugged rank notification. we wrote it off as " lol waky indie company " but… its april 5th. whats up? no rewards actually ?


only 5 packs received I think, no cards/gold/dust this Month too

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Doesn’t know about monthly rewards. Maybe you should play the game, instead of spending sop much time acting as a spokesperson or promoter for the company and trolling people on the forums who take issue with the company and problems with the game. Then you would know basic facts about the game, like the end of month rewards.

No, you just got hit by someone who likes trolling people with “what,” “huh,” “I don’t understand,” “having so much fun!” “never happened to me” and the like when people have something negative happen to them in the game. Even when multiple threads have been made about the issue and there’s no way anyone could have missed the topic.