Revert Keeper of the Grove Nerf


With the removal of naturalize and no classic card replacement such as mulch, at least give Druid a viable, class specific option in Keeper of the Grove to silence magnetized mechs, van cleefs, etc.

Old keeper is neither better than hunters old 4 mana 3/3 deal 3 OR Spellbreaker. It is such an iconic card and I think it would fill in current gaps in some of druids potential decks quite well.


Actually we should not even have a classic set by this point.

They will shot anything that gets any signal of be meta defining from it.


Potential druids? I believe most are aware by now where Druids are heading with their twinspells and boardfilling, anti-aoe cards they have in standard.

Lucentbark is such a gimmick, that most who spent time on the deck will realize, how awfully slow and counterproductive that playstyle is.

Gloopsprayer was definitely the right step in the direction to avert Druid from aggro. Keeper of the Grove buff is uncalled for, however; mainly because it’s a flexible aggro enabler and Blizzard NEVER admits a mistake.

As once an avid mill and big druid player, back when everyone was mindlessly spamming fon + savage combo, it rubbed players like I in a wrong way that I can still feel the bad taste the nerf left in my mouth. But, at the moment, it will not change or spawn new archetype or anything for Druid in a positive manner, if any. So it’s better to stay that way.

There were alot of reasons why silences were targeted back then, but Keeper nerf was justified by ‘having too much flexibility’. It ended up being included in nearly ALL of druid decks in all stages of the meta. Same goes for fiery war axe. Two of the dumbest nerfs made by Hearthstone team in my opinion.