Resummon priest

It needs to go. I know wild is wild but being able to play Illuminate and reduce the cost Shadow Essence to 3 mana to play 10 mana Tidehunter on turn 3 is simply not right. I just had 4 people in a row play that deck and win against me in legend rank. At least real OTK decks are creative there is nothing creative about this. Its an extremely lazy way to win games and make people feel like that games just broken.

Very specific situation, that shouldn’t occur more than once in 50 games or so. If it happens all the time, the cards aren’t the problem. Rigged card draw is.

Don’t post if you don’t know what you are talking about.

It is very common to queue into 3 or 4 res priests in a row in wild. Watch a Roffle stream.

When I do play wild, I tryto play something that can win that matchup.

Never play wild if you can avoid the mode.

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that means running plague of murlocs can win you many games

I was quite obviously talking about chances to get the specific cards in hand and bottom of the deck at the same time, not about matchmaking.
So, ironically, don’t post if you don’t know what you are talking about.

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There are tons of counters to big priest, you just have yo switch deck if u wanna beat priest easily