Requested: 3 wins = 15 Gold


Either that or 5 Gold x Win;

no more possible 5 Gold pending from any arena run.


no that’s too much. You know how much 5 gold is? Back in my day we didn’t even have 80 gold quests. 5 gold is almost like a pack. You young whipper snappers don’t know what it was like to be grateful of Hearthstone.

5 gold per 3 wins sounds good to me, 10 is very nice


I agree 5 per 3 wins is probably best option.


Happy, I think I played you. Are you rank 5?


Go for play 3 games instead. Its hard to win anything for new players


Just make it so that 3 games played equal 10 gold. If at least two of those games were win, they get 20 gold instead.

Ez pz, new players, new income, ez game, ez life


I don’t know how I got (5) extra gold, I don’t remember the last time I played in arena?


Right now rank 14 or something, haven’t played ranked in awhile, but there was som1 else on the forums which had the name HappyFeet.


I want it so bad, I don’t have the time to do 30 win / day, so if it becomes 20 win / day, maybe I will try…


Actually reward every 3 wins or games is non sense.

We already have quests. Just reward people for each game they win.

And yes it needs the WIN part to people actually put some effort at play.


Agreed, 3 wins in pve = 15 gold!


It’s a singleplayer game, who cares if someone puts effort or not.


Yes, please Blizzard.


5 gold per win. Thank you BliZzard!


5 gold per win would be amazing. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask: they can keep the 100G gold cap. If I earned 5 gold per win, I’d probably play a lot more often.


This should be stickied at the homepage. Straight truth, well said Gwyn.


My sole consideration about the “5 Gold x Win” is that I would not know how the servers’d react to awarding 5 Gold per win;

the likelihood of many players winning a game at the same time, thus forcing a 5 gold awarding “event”, is much much higher than many players winning their third game at the same time to get their gold awarded.

By maintaining the “award x 3 wins” system there’d be no chance of messing up the game’s stability (if it’d even be an issue in the first place, devs oughta know better) whilst mathematically awarding the same amount of gold.