Reporting players

ONLY 'Blizzard Employee" responses required. Any that are not will not be responded to as they are not official responses.

I’ve used the “IN GAME” reporting feature MANY MANY times on players. It appears that Blizzard does nothing, and the reporting feature is simply a psychological attempt at making players think they are being listened to when they are not, and their complaints are being addressed, when in actuality nothing is really being done.

a) I’ve yet to witness any sort of action versus accounts the reports pertain to. This is derived from process of elimination, they keep appearing, such as offensive battletags. I have come across a few that when translated from (Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, etc.) the battletag means “~insert gender orientation~ need to die” or “eat excrement and die” and I report it, and it still appears day after day, is Blizzard in agreement with these battletag? If not, why do they keep appearing day after day, after multiple reports?

It doesn’t matter what the report is realistically. 95% of the time or greater, reports that seem to occur during non Blizzard work hours, go unaddressed, and frankly ignored. It appears very common-place for hackers and bots to be most active on Saturday’s & Sundays, between the hours of (approx…) 2am & 6am. I suspect this is due to the fact that most if not all Blizzard employee’s are in bed (or at least the ones that would address reports or concerns).

Come Monday morning, and they show up at work to 2000+ reports from various players, I suspect it’s a ‘delete all’ scenario so they can start fresh with an empty and what they deem a respectable queue of work to deal with.

So what gives Bliz? Why does it appear this way again, and again, and again?. Once might be random chance, twice a coincidence, more than three times, leads one to believe it’s habit and status quo.

So is your reporting system a fallacy in respect to action being done on them (like greater than 25%) or can you provide evidence and not just your corporate word (believe me I’ve worked corporate, and been specifically told “do not tell customers this”) about the legitimacy of reports and the corresponding actions taken or lack thereof.

EDIT: It’s Sunday Aprox 4am Bliz time. Lets see how long it takes them to respond to further the point of ‘they are asleep’ during active hacker hours.

edit2: 34 mins - no response, they must all be asleep

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