Report option: intentionally losing

Why should anyone use this option?
If my opponent is win trading with me, I have no interest in reporting him
If I am conceding on turn 1 against a class I hate, why should I be reported?

It seems such a useless feature, honestly.

Does this mean we aren’t allowed to concede early intentionally or we risk a ban?
I doubt any opponent would use it, but the fact it’s there it’s questionable


I will 100% not play unfavourable matchups. I am not trying to climb ranks or play for a win rate. You can’t be forced to play a game. I don’t care about another 10 second loss match.

You can still swear at opponents if they send you a friend request - their choice to open up that communication. Just don’t utter bodily harm, or things that are legally protected statuses.


It’s pretty stupid that is even an option. I personally think reports aren’t looked at unless its harassing someone in chat. I’m sure most report options are just to make people feel good like they can pretend action will be taken and it makes people feel imaginary satisfaction.


Opponent should be happy, has a free win.


it makes no sense if you think it’s between you and your opponent.

But can make sense when considering a 3rd player .
In battlegrounds there was scandals of players joining just to help someone specific win.
If you see someone play well , but with a specific opponent keep losing , mb you can report it.

In mercenaries there was a month of players wintrading just to open infinite chests , they joined games with 5merc of same color and 1 different , and based of a color scheme you win lose . This players got a huge advantage , they farmed coins easy …

In hs ranked there was case where people wintraded with other to make them qualify for real events , in 3rd part tournaments someone with low ELO can let friend win becouse he has more chances , etc. etc.

It’s hard to proof it , but is possible someone can use it.


Maybe it just flags the account for their system to record additional information about that account, making investigations easier?

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What matters is the golden portrait, and the 1000 wins to get the skin.

He is, and knowing he got a free win and a chance to see his opponent getting banned makes him happier.

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A lot of people like to burn random dailies with zero intention of winning. I literally make decks to be efficient in completing these quests i.e. 100 Frost Damage. I personally do this in Casual mode.

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The do “XYZ type of damage” quests are fastest to complete via Mercenaries, in my experience. Just do a heroic bounty, stack the team that does that damage type, and after a few rounds you can retire the run with the quest complete. Way faster than queuing in Constructed, Casual or otherwise.

honestly i would prefer an option to report ppl abuse roping…the most aggravating kin of player…i prefer emotes spammers to ropers by far

if i would ever get invite to blizz tournament i would demand the right to bring tomatoes to throw at my opponent if they choose to rope…if they’re allow to get to my mind then i should also be alloted to get to their by covering them in juice(it would not injure them so no law violation there)

saying that second part cause of that dude who did that bs at 1 of the recent tourney


Aggro Players should be roped. It gives them the time to use their brain at least. Decks that require absolutely no brain activity because it’s just „draw - play - go face“ should not be a thing :slight_smile: if you don’t want to use your brain, watch some tv.


However, I just can’t stand Mercenaries. A mode with so much potential monetized into boring oblivion.

I pretty much just went through and put all of my mercs into the training hall thing and got them all to level 30. I like the bounties, but have no real interest in the PVP portion of it, and no real interest in spending gold/$ on the mode. I totally agree about how the mode is monetized, it’s a flat out broken model, and why I mostly ignore it… but any new heroes I get via Rewards Track and such, I’ll level up to 30 in case that ever changes in the future, and it’s the fastest way to deal with those “do X damage” quests.