Reno Should have been hit

A board clear, that limits your ability to play the game, isn’t reciprocal, and gives all the benefits of being a hero card. Who at Blizzard OKed this card? Who designed this card? Have either of those people ever played a game of Hearthstone?

This card is beyond not ok. In a set where a 10 mana is a 40 point life swing, this is still the worst designed card. And they still nerfed the 4 drop which could be played around.


It’s a needed card, there were so many broken decks. This is a neutral card so you or anybody have the option to use it if you wanted. This card is long overdue for control decks but doesnt really matter, the real problem this patch is Warlock and Snake…now THAT’S a broken card. That deck is immune to Reno or anything, even deck distrupting because of the constant treasure finding. This patch is more broken than the last patch.

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its 8 mana so you have to set up a board the opponent has a chance to respond to
has a highlander conditiona because of its cost you cant set a board and play it on the same turn…


Your games actually last till turn 8?


Games go longer then most people think. Honestly at full power snake was getting beat past gold. But Highlander saw an increase in play past gold. Meaning the better you were, the easier snake was to stop, and the harder it was to counter a 2 turn board control that one side board wipes, and one side limits board space. The card should limit both players to 1 unit, AS THE THEME WOULD SUGGEST.

Snake is now dead, so stop complaining about it.

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You think they are done nerfing snake? lol would love to have some of what he is having

This is a horrible way to balance the game in earnest, though.

Reno does way too much for too cheap. The highlander requirement is obviously somewhat restrictive, but not enough for how many different powerful things it does.

I dunno what you change about it, I think probably up it’s mana cost. Maybe even to 10. Probably poof both sides of the board for sure.


Duh, just because anyone can use it doesn’t make it ok. Just look at dozens overpowered neutral Legendaries (like Astalor) that eere hit because they were overplayed.

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Yeah this. Unless you’re still climbing the up the low ranks, most games end like turn 5-7. If a highlander deck survives to turn 8, they deserve their reward in this current environment.

Who said anything about snake? Aggro rules this meta even at the high ranks. If you make it to turn 8 you should feel fortunate.

Yeah, they are done nerfing snake. In fact they should reduce the nerf, I can see snake as he is now (card text) but at 5 mana. But since he is so hated it will probably remain at 6 mana. I mean warlock dropped 8% since the nerf, never seen any class hit so hard recently by a single nerf.

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What? The card literally says empty the ENEMY board and limit it to 1 minion. Are you capable of reading a card?

Are you capable of reading text though?

Yes. And the theme would be what? Spend 8 mana clear your own board and handicap your own board next turn as well. Sure worth running a highlander deck for that. Stop crying about an 8 mana card that enables a different playstyle.

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Just saying that the guy proposed a nerf (which I don’t care about) and you are like the card works as intended, using caps and say if he is able of reading a card. Which seemed funny to me and it’s why I messed with you.

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Reno is pretty much a non factor most of the time. Pretty much only stomps f2p unholy dk. And other fairly mediocre decks.

I’m climbing the ladder, not sure where (gold/platinum area) but don’t really care I’ll never be lego…I enjoy this card because I enjoy control decks which means i’ll never climb but it’s fun! i use this card a lot and its the reason 99.9% of the time that I win, def a game changer so for my play style it’s nice to counter portal warlock and have an extra board clear for aggro decks. It’s also neutral so you can use it too if you’d like :slight_smile:


cheap? 8 mana +highlander …cheap??


8 Mana for a non-linear hard board clear that doesn’t trigger deathrattles and locks the enemy board is cheap at 8 mana, yes.

It being highlander is completely irrelevant to it’s cost.


yes thats what the card does is a good description only detail missing is it doenst lock the opponetn board only limits it for 1 turn

you still havent explained why is so bad it costs 8 mana

id understand if it costed 5 mana because it could be used to wipe out an aggro deck board after they used up most of their resources
but at 8 mana ?
whats the issue?
which cards can be comboed with ?
what exaclty is the problem with us being able to play it for 8 mana ?