Reno Druid is soo bad

Why are people complaining about this deck, it’s so bad it’s laughable.

All it does is clear your board once with Reno … then what.

How long will it take for people to figure out … if your deck can’t close out a game with a card that reads ‘win the game’ your deck is not good.

Reno Druid
Reno Shaman
Reno Paladin
Reno Priest
Reno DH :laughing:
exluding the smart class that saw the truth and switched to a combo deck, Hunter
all susceptible to real decks that just close out the game

Why do you think Priest is doing so bad after TITANS while before it didn’t, it’s because decks just close out the game. I am watching my Druid opponent ramp and ramp
and for what, he got to 10 mana and nothing happened.

Highlander decks are so bad.
You don’t even need to play Plague DK to win against them, pls make more threads so that blizzard won’t see the truth and end up nerfing Druid again xd

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Its bad, so it oppresses the lower ranks. Then you come at it with one of the decks that wins before it can play Reno and you climb past them.

But as I’ve been told many times, “top 1k legend doesnt matter”, and since Reno decks are not present in high legend, clearly Reno decks are the most important part of the meta.

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but lower ranks is where plague dk decks are played more

Don’t even need to kill them before it.

I am playing the XL Sif Mage and Druid just doesn’t have the pressure to win the game from minions alone, without Jailer they can’t do nothing.

Such a weak deck.

Yeah, stats show that lower ranks Highlander Druid is pretty good and then gets progressively worse as you go up the ladder.

Dragon Druid is where it’s at.

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I will agree to that, there are definitely better variants for Druid in general.

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You forgot the part where you skip your opponents turn after clearing their board. That seems fair to you?

You say you don’t play Reno but every single post you have made is attempting to downplay the card. I wonder why?

Whether it’s fair or not doesn’t matter when the deck is weak.

Because I’ve faced it, and it’s not all that.

you can play 1 minion/location, as many spells as you want, and weapons. hardly skipping the turn. fairness is subjective, but it doesn’t seem out of hand yet…to me.


1 whole minion?! The devs are so kind to allow us such a gift.

Stop saying this because it’s totally false. Your turn is NOT skipped.

I played a large taunt the very turn after I last saw a reno played. I won the game, too.

I know this is really hard for you to understand, but some players are farming reno decks right now. Reno is not the priest shard you say it is.


yeah 1 whole minion. this card is only game winning if your opponent already has an established board. if that is the case you probably already lost. it’s a win more card. if you’re behind it just delays enough to find an answer…maybe.

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I think this is one of those times where a player is so focused on the fact that they were one turn from lethal when they lost their board that they can’t see anything else and rage quit, claiming the board clear is the problem.

Other players are watching their opponent for tells that reno is in the deck and waiting for it to happen.

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You know very well limiting your opponent to a single minion hardly does anything. So you can stack your board. Play reno, poof away your opponents board then allow them to play 1 whole minion? Seems fair.

Again, this sounds like you walking into a trap repeatedly and blaming the trap.

(Edit: One of the things you learn when you play aggressive minion decks is that you don’t trade something your opponent is going to trade for you. So if your opponent is building a board but not trading into yours like they should, it’s a pretty big tell they’re going to clear your board soon - which means you need to clear theirs. )


Got to respect the commitment, Tman15tmb has gone out of his way to argue against Reno in 2 separate threads.

What has Reno done to this man


is this really because you feel reno indirectly nerfs sargeras by countering the Un-interactable (until now) portal? if that’s why, no shame. i know you were firmly against sargeras nerfs, and i agreed with you then, just curious.

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Yep, that’s literally only it.

It’s because Sargeras gets countered by Reno, no more thought process was used to formulate an argument.

It’s just bias speaking this whole time.


He is countering the previously uninteractable Sargeras portal.

That’s what Reno did to him and since he is a main warlock player, that doesn’t make him very happy.


Sounds like you don’t want to acknowledge Reno is broken.

Now if your board was also poofed and you were limited the next turn as well I’d agree Reno is a fair card. Even if it just poofed away your opponents board and gave you a new hero power I’d agree its a strong but fair card. The fact you can clear your opponents board then basically skip their next turn while you plan your kill with hardly nothing to worry about that is what makes it over the top. Also 8 mana is way too cheap for the effect.