Remove animations and dialogues

Can you PLEASE give the possibility somewhere in the options to disable animation and/or dialogues?

There are moments a player thinks and is trying to calculate …
But when your own hero is starting to dialogue … it is not helping to figure if you have lethal or not!

this has cost me many games already!

do something about it and make this a clean and attractive game



As long as it is an option, I am ok with it.

I have asked for this before. There are several dialogue animations that cover up information on the board. And some of the spell animations take too long to process. The effects actually slow down gameplay on mobile devices enough that it is a problem.
A good example is the carrots from battlecry cards in battlegrounds. If you have a brann and a high apm, the animation can actually slow your moves down enough to miss out on playing cards. I have seen this happen to two popular streamers.

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Mute your device. Problem solved.

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Animations? No. THink faster and dont start doing stuff when the rope is burning.