Remember that 9 mana 4/4 infuse card?

Man i won a lot of games back in the day with that card as a druid. If only they had a card like that today with one more starting health and more copies summoned that costs 2 less. I can only Imagine how powerful that would be!!!


It’s a total clown show now…


Hahahahaha, thank you for making me laugh, good pun, good pun


World domination!!
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you only won when you use before 10mana spell buff stat to dubble or 2x more orelse is a board what your opponent clear whit 1 spell …so stop lie 7mana “maybe” full board 3/4 minion do nothing now day if is not hand buffed and who cry on it sif mage has way better 7 mana spell what generate full board 4/5 just whit rush divine shield reborn life steal WINDFURY and posible play on turn 7

and highlander druid what i play eat alive almost all dragon druid …

I assumed OP was referring to Insatiable Devourer (infuse) vs Carnival Clown (Corrupt) but then I realized they both had the same base stats/cost and both were pretty much stock ramp druid cards in their respective expansions.
I did reach legend with Clown Paladin, that was a fun xpac (for me at least).