Real players using bot names

so this is what the game has come to? bots and players pretending to be bots. woooow!

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If you think the player is a bot report them. I do it to all Chinese character names and color/animal names like BlueWombat.

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… said a character with some illegible abracadabra instead of a name. I’d report one like this as a bot, but turns out it’s something even worse — a racist.

Those are the accounts that are being prepped to be sold.

I just got back into hearthstone last weekend, and I was wondering what was with the massive amount of players like, bluewombat or olivedragon or w/e.

It’s mostly random letter combinations that have looked suspicious to me.

Might depend on the server, though — I’m playing on EU, which is reportedly the least bot-infested.

Racist? How so? Do explain how “I Support Is Real” is racist. Looks to me that the racist here is you. And speaking of bot looking names….

twenty character required

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I feel like mine is a bot name but when I made it it wasn’t a bot name

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Pointing out the writing style of a country isn’t being racist lol. The Chinese character names like 蓝色瑞典鞋 - are what I immediately report. So again, who’s being racist?

Is it technically racist? I don’t know.

But it’s absolutely stupid. There are plenty of accounts with default names (if you don’t put in a name you get a randomly generated AdjectiveNoun style name) or with Chinese characters, that have never botted. False reporting accounts is despicable behavior.


Despicable to you. Not to me. Or the Discord group I found with players sick and tired of the bots. If players aren’t botting, then they have nothing to worry about, right? But if they’re actual bots then the next ban wave will remove them.

Not right. You’re assuming that Blizzard performs any kind of independent investigation. I don’t believe that they do, or that if they do it is extremely rushed and prone to error. I think if an account gets enough bot flags it gets banned, end of story.

Then perhaps Blizzard shouldn’t be so lax and lazy with automating the ban function. Besides, actual players can simply appeal their wrongfully ban.

Ah well, not my problem. Not the group’s problem either. :rofl:

Now we living in the time, when Is real supporting is deemed as racist. Long ago the Palpatine supporters labeled as such (anti schemetist). Hopefully I won’t get banned.

Except, it’s “I (:eye:) Suprt Is Real.” I can’t put spaces in the name so had to mash them together.

So, that pile of abracadabra, if deciphered, did turn out to be even more racist than I thought…

BlueSparrow etc are just accounts that accepted a default name.

The asian accounts I actually see a lot more in rumble.

imo what they play is more indication then the account name.

ie a mech rogue in wild with a name of anything is probably a bot.

But a quest mage with the name olive wombat is probably is a rush to play or lacks imagination.