Random enemy is not random

Is it normal to play ranked with 5 prists in a raw? early patches made some random enemies but now the same sh@@t( fix please. give random enemis.

I belive nothing is random in this game.
The enemy you get is not random and the card you get from the deck is not random.
The art is to make deck to avoid this.
If you looking for fair play, find other games.
It pretty much suck, special when people leave this unbalanced game, with this stupid choise Blizzard have maked.
It also close game down becouse the game have to be recorded.
It must be possible for a game company to make this better !
I thinks the cards from deck should be random and then the game not need to be closed down so often for save the game.

Began playing again. Same sh.t. Made a deck with a mage. 10 games in a row i started. 7 of it are mirrored with mage. BLZ this game is 10 years old. Can you make a normal matchmaking program? I understand that there is no any random and programs do the matches only to approve statistics. But try to make the game give some kind of a ephemeral feeling that there is a presence of a random. hs became too predictable.