Quickly clear task 14 for Xyrella - heal 450 w/flash heal

I haven’t found a guide anywhere for doing this task efficiently. Let me know if there is a place that has guides for completing annoying tasks like these. I heard that Diablo’s task 14 can be done with Diablo on the bench but that’s not true for Xyrella.

Are there certain PvE opponents where you can stay in a continuous loop? Ex. enemy mercs heal themselves in between attacking so you can heal your own mercs and continue for a long while. Also, is there a good way to increase the amount of healing Xyrella (or any merc) does?

Just heal the enemy with Xyrella. And unless you have her Shard of the Naaru equipment at max, there is no way to increase the healing.

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Yeah you can do something like just spam flash heal or the 35 healing CD 1 to cut down the animation time, and afk on cookie with maybe a decent self damage spell like millhouse or some imps just farming self damage

Cookies fish are great for task cheesing as you don’t need CD resets if the skip turn button acts as one without enemy animation times. For tasks its almost as useful as blink fox resets clicking a skip through 3 turns to use a 3 turn CD every 5-10 seconds vs 40-80 seconds over 3 animated turns.

Do some damage, heal, or just play normally, if it’s a healing task one, anduun from the banehollow felwood 6 bounty drops lots of healing too while aoeing while giving good tasks.

I completed it on the first fight in Heroic Barrens level 8. I just let the fire elementals shoot fireballs at my team, healed them, clicked end turn, and repeated the process for a few minutes.

Use cookie.
Cookie makes egg.
Now have another character millhouse shoot your guy. Xyrella flash heal him.
Do that 30 times. 450 health. task complete.
MVP Cookie.