Quest Paladin nerf


I need more dust. So I am for huge wide nerfs


I think my favorite part about this is thinking of the people who, when the quest was revealed, wrote it off as absolute crap


…which has nothing to do with the issue at hand.
But you know that already.
LPG and CC are Keleseths on steroids.

This is just a salt thread.
Nothing else.
And I’d rather have the Quest HoFed.
Nerfing it destroys it forever.
It may find its place in some tier 3 or even tier 2 decks in Wild, however.


We know some people wants only nerfs to get dust (looks at RandomDrunk)…

But I hope we just going to get some free gold/dust instead. Nerfing just so some people get dust, is not good solution.


I don’t even have LPG anymore.
I dusted it a while ago, because the concept of that card disgusts me.

Nerfing a new Quest-card because someone is salty their favorite deck has a bad matchup, however, is worse than my “joke-reasoning”.


Warrior main asking for nerfs to their only counter.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.



Then there will be no mech paladin but murloc all the way! Mhghrrrrr!


It is crap- look at its winrates against every deck except it’s two good matchups. Lol


:laughing: Yup! nerf it for it’s s#!t !! In-fact nerf all the stupid mummies as well, that way I can get some dust return which I wasted on them.


Mage beats Quest Paladin. Are you having trouble with the match up?


I thought it was unfavored versus mage? Or are you playing a list better versus mage?


so, you play warrior and you want to nerf the only deck that beats warrior? hmm… ok


I understand OP, it s a warrior he is not used to devaforable matchup


No dummy, he’s saying that if any nerfs happen to Warrior or Mage, that the Paladin Quest gets hit too because of how much value you get off of it.


Man, bait posts have gotten really weak these days.


The Paladin Quest is incredibly polarized. It’s god-tier against Control and terrible against fast decks. I really wish that Blizzard would dial back these “Control killer” archetypes and just nerf the problem cards in the slow decks.


Yeah, Blizzard doesn’t like control, because long games puts off the majority of casual gamers.


You main warrior, your complaint is invalid.


I know, right? How dare he play to win? How dare he enjoy playing the strongest Control decks in the meta?

It’s official, guys; if you play a meta deck, your opinion is invalid. The OP’s arguments don’t matter, all that matters is attacking him personally.


He’s complaining about MUCH weaker decks, that’s why it’s invalid, are you daft?