Priest is unhealthy for the game

…they don’t though. Aggro DH, hunters, and rogues beat priests in general. Priest control tools aren’t enough to stop the fast and consistent pressure of the former two, while rogues have resource generation to let them dump without going out of steam.

What priest punish are actually those that DON’T do what you say. Priest punishes decks that try to win by steadily gaining each turn with good trades and resource management. AKA the midrange tempo decks of old.

They’re the ones who don’t have the pressure as fast or consistent as DH and hunters, so a priest has enough breathing room to survive into late game.

They’re the ones who need to build board to do damage unlike DH or hunter… but then doing so means they’re punished harder by priest board wipes, which they can’t recover as well as a rogue with resource generation.

They’re the ones who (after failing to blow up the priest first) don’t have enough control tools or resource generation of their own to deal with priests in the long game, again unlike a rogue.


the complaints will get worse in this forum when people realises the new more tempo based galakrond priest has a better matchup vs those tempo classes than the old priest had

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True, but does it have an overall better win rate?
It’s obviously worse in the mirror…

For people who don’t know what Cube Priest is:
Lazul and thougthsteal and taunts are taken out of a regular Gala deck and are replaced by 2-3 dormant minions + 2 copies of Grave Runes and Psyche Split.

It either runs 2* Fate Weaver or 2*Manasaber. (Manasaber for stealth buffing).

I don’t think I’ve lost to a rogue as priest yet. DH is 50/50 and hunters are unfavored in my experience. Sounds like you guys are playing purely reactive decks with no minions or anything.

the deck hasnt been optimized yet, i personally prefer it tho as you have less “dead” cards. the priest mirror is usually either determined by tempo or fatigue. in theory Cube should have a tempo advantage, and the fatigue plan is still based around galakrond value generation.

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I met it today 2 times in the Priest Mirror, while playing Rez.
Normally I am unfavoured vs regular Gala Priest, but I just won both games
at around turn 16-17 (!) , which is a ridiculous fast match (for the Priest Mirror)… I had in one game only 4 hp left though /shrug.

Idk how it wins vs other control decks, maybe it is time to farm DHs though…

we cant objectively prove that priest is unfun. so nothing can ever change.

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Just spent 35 minutes playing a priest. Not worth it.


Priest blows chunks. Most players rarely have 30 minutes to devote to a single game.


I hope we can rally all together against Priests and just don’t play with them at all - just quitting when you get them as an opponent. That way, Blizzard will have an surmountable amount of data of that concept. I hate Priests so much that it makes me wonder why Blizzard would create that cheating character that way. Are they Anti-Christian?


Let me reword things. The reason why aggro is so prominent in hearth stone is accuse of Priest. Bliz had to make DH aggro or they had no chance against priest.

Sorry, I didn’t realize priest was the only control deck out there.


No. They are upset because they generate random answers that the opponent had very little opportunity to play around, making the entire experience guesswork. The actual control tools are mediocre. It’s the value that feels bad.

Well that’s what it is in my case anyway.


Same here. I can play around your deck. How do I play around your deck, my deck, and the entire pool of standard Priest cards?

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oh so that the excuse now …

because people been like this about priest looong before they released the card generation cards the class has now

i remember reading similar threads focused on entomb

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I never complained about Entomb. Res priest is boring as hell but at least you can play around it.

Except the OP literally said nothing about card generation, nor did the dozen or so priest control is op nerf threads say anything about card generation at the time. Which is what I was responding to.

Sorry, it looked like you were responding directly to me since you referenced my point.

Well for starters

Priest card generation is the majority of the problem. They don’t generate any non high value cards.

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yea, all they do is heal and rez, its not very fun to play against.