Priest better than everything


is there a reason priest is obviously op? in my current ranking im plowing through people without even trying as priest while each other class is literal trash

easily gets minions over 25hp, sometimes up to 40, heals out the a**


Yeah its good. Its about time for them.


Assuming the play rate for priest goes up since the VS report the win rate will come down due to it becoming popular enough to tech against. So to simplify that for you. The reason it’s op is because currently nobody cares enough about the deck to tech for it because it’s not popular enough to tech for.


People have yet to realize how broken priest is right now. Way too strong. Very little options counter it.


My roommate is a f2p player. He plays priest. Cool how cheap it is.


Priest is best deck right now I think. Can beat anything.


Meanwhile, I’m feeling like the stupidest person on the planet because my win rate with Combo Priest is garbage. I just can’t play it well consistently.


It is easily the most complex deck in the game right now. Don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with it, especially if you haven’t played combo priest in the past. It not only requires that you be aware of all the other decks and what they can do, but also requires that you be very thoughtful about resource usage and keep in mind a lot of weird interactions with Pyromancer and your spells.

If you watch some streamers in top 100 legend you’ll still see Priest players making enormous, game losing mistakes. If you think it is a deck you would enjoy I’d suggest sticking with it longer and pushing through that feeling. Not to mention getting better at Combo Priest is one of those decks that is going to make you a lot better at HS in general since it has to think like a lot of other decks, but with higher stakes.


Its hard deck to pilot. Too many option with severe consequences if you missed it.

Watch youtube or streamer playing the deck. Pause often, so you could guess what they gonna do next. Then compare your decision with their decision. Some of them giving you explanation about their decision, which will help you so much.

Go to competitivehs subreddit and discuss the deck to the tiny detail.

Those will nudge up your piloting skill for the deck.


One card I’m really perplexed about is Neferset Ritualist.

A year ago we’ve got a 4 mana minion with meh stats that healed one minion to full (yeah, it could also destroy 1 minions with shadow powers by priest but who seriously played that?!) and now we’ve got this?! :smiley: Normal stats that heals 2 adjacent minions? I would be ok if the minion was something like priest class exclusive but damn is that a powercreep compared to what came before …


Priest is blessed with good rng when it comes to drawing the openings hand. When kolento played the deck he pretty much hard mulliganed for 1 drops and arms,though I think he does keep amet in certain situations. Its a very fun deck

Should warrior control not have a good matchup against it?


Yes, warriors running Plague of Wrath have a good matchup against it.

It is a very board-centric deck, after all.


Probably because it sucks. Divine spirit always has a high win rate mmediately after an expansion, no one used priest so they didn’t know. But the combo blows and requires your opponent to not know what he’s doing. Once they do it’s insta lose.


Feels like priest has a solution to every problem
*low on cards; heal a minion and draw more
*minion about to die; heal it to full and summon copies of it
*All minions dead; resurect them
*minion to weak; buff it to 20/20
*Opponent has better minion than you; steal it
*Opponent had better deck than you; steal it


Priest, Mage, Warrior, the devs favorite classes, which is why they get everything! and no nerfs!!


True. Priest would be the strongest class in the game if they could play with 100 card decks and on-demand draw.


It’s kinda like zoo at the moment. When your draw is good then you smashes the game. But I think the problem with priest is that they don’t have a comeback, which means that if both of your cleric is at the bottom half of your deck then you don’t really have a way to win (acolyte is not enough).


I pulled Activate the Obelisk from a pack and decided to craft Amet to support a quest Priest deck. While I had some success, it wasn’t as fun of a deck as I thought it would be. So I moved onto combo Priest and I’m really loving it. I love that it requires recognition of synergistic card interactions and also strategy.

I have not played such a deck before so I’m not doing great with it yet but I’m leaning.

For those who play it, are there any good strategy guides for this deck?


One interaction I discovered a minute ago was that if Amet is at 3 health or less and you drop injured blade master, he just dies. And even with that misplay, I got Amet to 18 health next turn and dropped a psychopomp. Needless to say, the quest Shaman conceded immediately.


Non-Priest Players: A Priest has a deck that made into Tier 1 when no one was teching against it! This is an outrage! I can’t believe that Priest players actually expect to have a viable deck. Someone should be fired for this massive error on Blizzard’s part! Nuke the class from orbit!

Priest Players: God, a DS/IF deck AGAIN? (eyeroll) Why can’t Priest just be fun like it used to be?