Prep nerf for Rogues


So no Hunter, Warrior or Conjurer’s nerf but a Prep nerf for Rogues, it’s ok I guess.
But why would there be an urgent nerf patch that affects ALL the Rogue decks since the release of the game and in mid-season is my big question (I’m talking about Preparation ofc). Are Blizzard even playing their game? The frustration to play against Mech/Control Warrior, Mech or Secret Hunter and Conjurer Mages are similar as playing against Rogue. I’m looking forward the next buffs but why not wait until the Patch to make the changes all at the same time and why nerfing a staple card that as never been a problem since the release of the game ?
I have around 20 Rogue Decks Wild included and they are all affected by the prep nerf, this is the destruction of a class. The only single viable standard Rogue deck left is Thief rogue and the Tak/Prep/Espionage combo is dead as well since You just lose a turn without the mana left to play something (Costs 9 but usually matches don’t last that long in this meta).
I’ve been playing Rogue since Beta and I think it’s the worst thing they could have done to this class.


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Did you read the explanation they provided?

(Also, the expansion has been out for a month and a half… there was nothing urgent about these balance changes).

(Also also, lolwaffles @ “prep has never been a problem before”).


I didn’t know there was an explanation, I just went and read it tho, thanks.

Imo prep was never broken, just very strong, It doesn’t add any cards to your hand nor board. There are moments when having Prep in hand won’t save You or help You like Dr.Boom, Mad Genius can do.

To me doing a Balance Patch in the middle of the season while another one is coming almost two weeks after really makes it look like it’s urgent.


Mid-season balance patches aren’t unusual though.


this game is trash…it sucks.


The Druid needed a friend on the bench.


Totally agree. Its for the mindless CCG player. All you have to do is hope for a Rock vs Scissors Matchup than play out your autopilot deck.

Magic the Gathering has counter and interrupts to what another player is doing. Here you just watch is happen and hope you get lucky on your drawing, discovering or just ply out your pattern to victory.

The game has little skill. Forced Winrates win the polarized matchups to create a 55% win rate. Buy all the cards you have an equal chance in legend. Buy all the cards and mop up on those that don’t in casual.


You could do this though knowing the game runs in a sequenced style play.

As a Rogue you know you have those automatic turn 1 and 2 board control cards and Hero Power: Backstab, Southsea Deckhand. You want to control those 1st 3 turns so you can drop Spirit of the Shark. Now on 5 you can drop your Evil Miscreant which you will have in your hand. Than drop your lab recruiter to fill you hand again with lackeys.

Now you can still do the Van Cleef trick, eviscerate your way to Victory etc. Just hope you get that favored matchup so you can run program number 13.


You have 20 different rogue decks with prep in them. That’s why it was nerfed. Pretty sure that was their explanation too.

Azure drake was the same situation


I think you meant to say “Are Blizzard even their game?” base on your logic that verb is not needed in a sentence.


Its still all RNG based.

Played vs a Rogue in Casual for the daily today.

Turn 4 was STILL RNG bias Waggle Pick.
Then Rogue dropped 2 FREE Dread Corsairs, amazing how often that happens.

The Rogue started out with the usual assigned cards at the beginning. Lackey rat get more lackeys. Then at turn 5 there assigned cards to be there were there: Hench Clan Burglar. I was playing Priest cause use hero power TWENTY times.

They stole Power Word of the Wild. TWICE. Which was really really helpful once the Lacky Making Machine started on turn 6 with the drop of another automatic card you get in the first 10 - Spirit of the Shark. Now those Evil Miscreants are AMAZEBALLS with SO MANY lackeys flying into their hands left and right. Also stole Power Word Replicate making those juicy Underbelly fences really really nice later in the game.

Now you play your Shadowsteps and its just killer times farming in casual off people doing dailys.

But try it though. You should get all the cards you need in the first 10 to win. Just need a rock vs scissors matchup.

Throw in a little AE for fun.

Still easy peasy RNGzy.


There is the reason for your nerf. 3 mana tempo gain is just waaaay too good in this game. Especially when combined with card draw. And they would much rather nerf a classic card than nerf a new set card. The set card will eventually go away. Prep will be around forever and will eventually be a problem again.


Never looked at that way really though I don’t use Prep much at all.


Really, what do you expect? The rogue class i basically a big old bag of cheap tricks. Because of that it’s constantly going to be nerfed because there will always be a cheap trick thats’s far to powerful in the current meta.

But honestly, I don’t see the nerfs as a problem. Rogue cards have been nerfed since the advent of the game itself and (because of its easy win potential) the class is still widely popular.
The only time when the rogues have dropped in popularity is when another easy-win machine has appeared, like the mecha-cthun decks. (And btw seriously, THAT is the best alternate win condition hearthstone could come up with?)


Preparation: Black lotus for rogues – Raiding party: Ancestral recall with SPECIFIC targets for rogues. These 2 cards in M:TG are INSANELY overpowered and rogue got TWO of them in another game and those of you that never played M:TG would also agree, giving a class 2 of the power 9 in another format… would break it once figured out how to use it properly, which it did. My 6 year old played the rogue deck pre-nerf and got to RANK FIVE, at SIX YEARS OLD in standard. Now granted he does not understand every single concept of the game, the pre-nerf was insanely easy to play and straightforward. It needed to happen.

The warrior could use a few survival nerfs in the form of shield slam and maybe even omega devastator, which is quite strong but overall it is beatable. Mages are fully dependent on a combo which is easily disrupted if you have the cards and they are fine, I feel mages are underpowered and the real sleeper card is the murloc the shaman have, underbelly angler is it? If not dealt with you gonna get a swarm of fish!


prep nerf should of been spells cost 3 less but can’t cost less than 1 mana crystal.


But this doesn’t actually do much. The majority of problematic Prep interactions remain the same with your suggestion, it’s just Raiding Party that’s affected and even then it’s still 1 mana draw the best turn 4 play in HS at the time.