Power Creep is out of Control

This Post has been crafted with %100 Love, Good Vibes, and Good Intentions:)

I have been playing Hearthstone on and off since closed beta, I am here to show my support for “Power Drain” as we call it (reducing power level of the game and its cards/systems)

I am unable to enjoy most of my time here as of now, due to massive Power Creep.

Most of the games I have been interacting with since the last few patches/expansions over idk, 3 years have been absolutely disheartening for me.

Back in the old days, the games were mostly determined by card draw order and player skill, now it seems to be more about “Card Power”.

When a match can be essentially over by turns 3-8 due to the sheer power of the system, it leads me to want to walk away and wait for a possible change with my “issues”.

We have a card that allows for 2 copies, that can summon a full board of tough, taunt enabled dragons.

The list is way too long for me to bother bringing it up ( we all know what’s going on here)

We suggest that Hearthstone’s “Power Creep” and Power Level Be significantly reduced if that chance becomes available.

We are able to still have a bit of fun with the current system, and wins do not matter to us so much, but feeling “hopeless” so soon in a match is not OK for us any longer.

Take Care, and Have Fun, All :slight_smile:


I like what they did when they made Twist. They buffed a whole bunch of old cards to try to bring them up in power. That was nice.


The “algorithm” here is what makes the most money. It’s obvious that they believe people get bored and don’t play if the new cards are just the same power.

Maybe they could be the same power and a lot different but that is technically impossible for an …indirect reason: the old cards will be PLAYED better [because people would be a lot more experienced on them if it wasn’t clear].

Profits are impossible to acquire if the player base dwindles:)

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That’s a loaded statement. You imply they would be more popular without power creep.

Maybe people would think “the expansion sucks!1111111” because the old cards with the same power would be played a lot better (because they’d have perfect decks ready for the old ones but the new would be crap until people learn how to use them (it may take months!)).

I saw the "warrior brann Post, we are just the “Silent Majority” I am done responding to you now, forever, get muted

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Power creep makes it impossible for returning players to get back into the game.

I played a good bit from release into maybe 2 years of the games lifespan. None of those cards matter anymore and you are at an oppressive disadvantage using core sets vs an player who plays regularly.

And yea maybe it’s not possible to matchmake new/returning players with each other, but it’s really not worth whaling out just so I can have a near 50/50 shot of competing with the average player.


the game is totally manipulated by algorithms that punish you based on what you do and above all if you don’t spend enough or nothing, it’s likely that sooner or later there will be sensational scandals about cheaters or Blizzard itself that uses bots to block you in the arena or in duels heroes now dying, another sign of the enormous crisis in which Blizzard and Hearthstone finds themselves, I must say that every game in the arena gives me great sadness, I believe that if I were a developer and I read this forum and I was aware of these manipulation systems I would say cubito bye bye to blizzard…. question of dignity

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I think this needs to happen at a slower pace. If you introduce a whole set of underpowered cards players won’t be happy.


A single digit percentage of players spend even a single cent on the game. Your opponents aren’t whales, they’re free to play players.

Hence why I said “the average player.”

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If you’re average then you should have a 50/50 chance against the average player without spending a dime.

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If you run a core deck you do not stand a 50/50 chance against someone who’s spent money or substantial hours building a meta deck.

If your argument is power creep doesn’t exist, you can discuss that with someone else. But this circular argument essentially saying “math doesn’t exist” is a waste of time.


Cheap card draw is one aspect of power creep that can be out of control. Nowadays they come with bodies as well, and aren’t just spells.

Just take a look at Stoneskin Armorer for Warrior. 2 mana 2/2 (easy) conditional draw 2 cards. Was originally 3 mana.

Chillfallen Baron for DK. 3 mana 2/2 draw 2 cards (BC and DR)

Costumed Singer for Hunter/Mage. 1 mana 1/1 At the end of your turn, draw a Secret.

Needlerock Totem for Shaman/Warrior. 2 mana 0/2 At the end of your turn, gain 2 armor and draw a card.

Gold Panner for all classes. 2 mana 1/2 At the end of your turn, draw a card.



Card draw has gotten out of hand which is what makes both control and combo decks viable.

Not to mention reno decks with duplicates. Imagine that without so much card draw


I played alot during the start. Left for awhile cameback and every deck I had is now banned from ranked. So I only play BG some but after getting to 5k rating game just screws you.

Dont really see the point in buying anything anymore. If they will just be barred/removed from ranked in the future.


they have a wild mode that you select by clicking the little wolf head icon and picking umm the infinity icon in the deck selection screen that lets you use your old cards. it lets you use almost every card except for a very very few that they banned in wild because of balance issues.

At 5K people start not playing very badly. I don’t take BGs seriously myself so I don’t go a lot higher than ~5K, but below 5K the others play so badly that it’s not even interesting to me anymore.



As much as I’d like to see immediate changes, all a complete flip will do is give us a 8-12 month stale meta as people will more likely use the strongest decks prior to the “stat squish”.

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Nothing should be done “instantly” for sure take time, but for real, this is madness right now:)