Post the deck you will play at the start of SA!

I still need to make lists.

Tempo mage (I really, really hope this is decent, i want mage’s best deck to be something besides highlander for once)
Exodia mage (will probably suck but still want to try it.)
Big demon hunter (An archetype of demon hunter i enjoy)
Ripper warrior (above)
Casino mage (I want to test out how much control i can take away from myself with a mage deck.)

Probably a Tempo DH considering the THREE legendarys i got from the 80$ bundle were Soulciologist Malicia, Ace Hunter Kreen, Lorekeeper Polkelt and i really don’t want to disenchant legendarys right now.

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oh man i wish i could post it, if only you could see it, and understand it

i wont even tell you the class

i just want to say im sorry, and i’ll try not to toy with people

Combustion is a very bad card. I like your deck idea but combustion shouldnt be in it. Combustion should have been either 2 mana (and possibly random if it has to be,as the splash will compensate for that anyway) or 5-6 damage to make it worth it with current power creep. I am actually pretty disapointed with the design of this card,its so underwhelming in every way.
Sry for this critizism lol but i really want to warn people against combustion as its an epic and lots of people seem to like it. Dont craft it,its not a good card at all.

Mage warrior,maybe druid and rogue. Not sure about the deck yet but for mage something similar as aeggaeon.

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I’ll just copy paste something that wins.


Realistically I’ll probably do that as well. I’ve never been great at the deck building aspect of this game so I’ll play what’s good

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You do realize that Combustion is already massively power creeped shadow bolt? And it scales amazingly well with spell damage.