Pls help my deck is trash


Am f2p and can’t really even play anymore since last month. Been playing my best deck on wild and dropped down to rank 19, to the very bottom of the worst rank and I still can’t win most games. This wasn’t an issue before last month. I’ve gotten up to rank 13 at my best and I don’t play net decks because it’s boring af and lame but pls I need some suggestions for my poor treant deck it needs help or I’ll have to quit and only play solo content. Or is treant druid not very good in the new expansion? I have an ok selection of warlock cards but most of it is too slow to deal with all these aggro decks lately. I am currently running: (1)acorn bearer x2, (1) living roots x1, (2)dreamway guardians x2, (3)blessing of the ancients x1, (3)landscaping x2, (3) microtech controller x1, (3)savage roar x2, (3)tar creeper x2, (4)archmage vargoth x1, (4)branching paths x2, (4)soul of the forest x2, (4)swipe x1, (4)violet teacher x1, (5)force of nature x2, (5)treespeaker x2, (6)nourish x2, (7)malfurion the pestilent x1, (8)the forest’s aid x1, (9)cenarius x1, (10)ultimate infestation x1.


Not too sold about having 2 Treespeakers.
Only 1 Swipe? And no Power of the Wild?
Also if you’re having trouble vs Aggro you can always put in Spreading Plague. Wrath for removal/card draw.

Other than that it comes down to when you are playing these cards and how are you dealing with your opponent’s threats.


Hmm that’s an interesting possibility to lose a treespeaker, but it almost seems to be the strongest win condition in my deck, assuming that I have at least 3 treants or so. Maybe I could throw in another swipe and take out a treespeaker, I usually only end up playing 0-1 of them per game anyways. Never really understood how power of the wild is an essential treant card unless paired with either fandral staghelm or that new one that deals with choose one spells. I used to run spreading plague before the wild growth and nourish nerfs, but lately it’s seemed a tad weak in most games imo when either the opponent doesn’t have many minions or other times they take out most or all of my scarabs on their next turn, leaving me further behind. I have used wrath but it also seems like a card best paired with those same 2 legendaries.


I’m not really a big fan of tree speaker it feels like too much mana to buff a board that you have to have built. also it transforms your minions meaning you dont even get to attack with them the turn you buff. it’s too slow. it’s also anti synergy with mulchmuncher which might be considerable with its latest buff.
here’s some suggestions and ideas you could try:

Buff cards: Mark of the Lotus, Power of the wild, Blessing of the ancients. these are cheaper and your minions can attack the turn they get buffed. great if u can get a wide board early.

Defensive cards: if you are flooding, Crypt lord may be a great card to include, 3 mana and gains health for each minion summoned.
Poison Seeds, a great removal/board equalizer. also if you need more treants. combos well with the above buff cards so your treants end up larger than the opponents.

Board Flooding cards:
living mana is a better force of nature. force of nature is too slow to reclaim the board at 5 mana if you’ve already lost it.
Whispering woods is also a good flood. acorn bearer is good synergy, twinspell stuff dont lower your hand size, and keeper stalladris could also combo to keep up your hand size for it.
Forest’s aid is great for token floods, definitely keep that.

At the moment, you got a total of 5 playable cards for the first 2 mana. token decks usually fight for board, and the earlier you can do that, the better, consider adding stuff like fire fly, or some 1/3s to lower your curve. haunted creeper can be a good 2 drop to trade and flood the board, and knife jugglers can abuse the flood. if your one drops are beasts, consider mark of y’saarj.

alternately you can try building the deck in another direction. remove the minions from 1-3 mana, and rely on spells to summon your 1,2 and 3 mana drops, and abuse oaken summon to pull vargoth/violet teacher, and use all the cheaper buff spells build a board that way. you can probs also use witchwood apple to generate cards for whispering woods if you need stuff to do early.

Card draw wise, id stick to Ultimate infestation, branching paths, and maybe wrath. i’d cut nourish, its too clunky after its nerf. depending on how you built the deck, ferocious howl, predatory instincts, or psychmelon can be good but are situational.
Also, Cult master if you are constantly flooding the board, and using soul of the forest is another option.

a really outdated combo i used to do when BlackRock came out was with haunted creepers, occasionally id have 2 on board by t4, where id suicide them off, play poison seeds then summon two 0 mana volcanic lumberers (7/8 taunts) and upsize the 1/1 spiders to 2/2 trees


Wow I’d never though of using poison seeds to buff your minions, situational but sounds sweet when pulled off. I know nourish isn’t great anymore but it can be difficult sometimes to pull off a good ultimate infestation play requiring 10 mana and that your hand should typically be less than 5 when using it. Think I’ll try moving out at least 1 nourish for this golden cult master I own, thanks. Will probably take out 1 force of nature for living mana but I feel that if I take out too many spells like force of nature, that archmage vargoth would no longer be good to include. It’s a lot to consider, hmm