Please nerf Infinite Arcane mages in duels

This is another type of card/deck that just isnt fun to play against. If you are playing a deck that relies on minions to do dmg then its borderline unplayable. You go countless turns with your minions frozen unable to do any dmg at all. Meanwhile, if he has the rune that allows you to get a copy of frozen minions and they cost 2 less not only are you unable to do anything on your turn but they are still your minions and using them against you at a better value. It’s actually insufferable to play against. What they need to do is remove that card in its entirety or at least make so they can only chose the cards they have left ONCE and when its done its done no more cards, but the fact they can pull endless frost nova’s or blizzard or just perma freeze your board is actually insane. Who on the test team plays against this and says “wow what a fun and interactive experience”. Please blizzard make some changes to your game start asking yourself “is this fun to play against” otherwise you are just going to keep losing your player base.

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blizzard enjoys seeing you frustrated by a game mechanic and knows that in most cases this will push you to buy new cards until you can win, or new access to duels or in the arena, the type of psychological mechanics is the same as slot machines , where if you lose you want to buy a new chance, except that governments don’t monitor because it’s all disguised as a simple video game

Doesn’t matter. Duels is going away in 2 months so blizz ain’t going to bother.

That said there is a lot that could’ve/should’ve been changed by now. Duels is really overdue for changes. Personally, it really is starting to feel like wild. The mode desperately needs a curated list of cards or expansions.

You’re funny)))))
From the same position you can ask to remove all dueling treasures)
Plus, they’ll soon remove Duels for good and you’ll stop whining on the forums)