Playing on macOS Sonoma is ridiculous

I’ve been playing Hearthstone for awhile and I’ve never had this issue until recently (like last 2 weeks recently.) I would queue for a game, and the game crashes, I try to log back into the game, get the reconnecting box and then crash again. I literally can’t get back into games after it crashes, and every single time it’s another loss. I crash I’d say 1 out of every 5 games within the past 2 weeks. It’s getting really annoying and frustrating to the point I don’t even feel like climbing the Diamond ladder anymore because I know a game I’ll disconnect is coming and it’ll be an automatic loss.

Edit: I just tried to queue for 6 games in a row, and they crashed all 6 times and couldn’t get back in. Dropped from Diamond 3 back to Diamond 5 because of this crap.

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