Player using a bot to cheat exp link of match included

So one of the things that I’ve started to see a fair amount of since the implementation of the new reward system is an increase in cheating in terms of BOTS being used to farm experience for gold. I see it in Ranked and I see it in Battlegrounds.

I just played a match where I was playing against a mage, previously I’ve mainly seen it only warriors. However, this time it was on a Mage. They never play a card, they only use their hero power, and the bot ends the round at the end of the turn. The bot will hover hover a card, much like when someone is trying to decide which card to play, however, a card is never played, only the hero power is ever used.

Now when this happens in battlegrounds, I don’t care because I’m not forced to sit there an wait, the round last for the duration of the battle and that’s it. However, when I’m in a ranked match, it’s very unpleasant having to wait 1 min and 16 seconds each turn. It really isn’t fair to players who actually play without cheats. When my total time is just over 3 minutes in match that lasted 13 mins because someone is farming experience using a bot, it sure does take the fun out of the match. Sure I won, but I also had to wait almost 10 mins of unnecessary time because a player has decided to cheat.

And that is one of the biggest issues I have with the new system. But here’s the link to the match.


No reason to punish the players, blame Blizzard that rewards players for aking and roping to get xp.

Just remove the incentive to rope, and they will go away.


So… to avoid these bot websites completely and stay as far away from this exploit as possible… any insight as to what this botting program is called and which website not to visit ?

When you rope, you’re in the game.

When your cheating, that’s when you use bots… so yeah those players should get banned. It’s against TOS. Blizzard changing their reward system, does not justify players using programs to farm exp to roping matches when they are shopping with grandma.


Blizz care not for bots, they add to the playerbase as much as they do try to remove them once other players identify them. Understand that at this stage the quality of the game is irrelevant so long as it does what’s intended, and that is to gather mass. Like any popular game I’m more than certain accounts are being bought, forged and sold like booster packs in certain circles, just like wow and other titles.

Back when I used to play during the Naxx/Grand tournament era there were secret paladin deck bots that could go all the way to legend rank on their own given enough time. Each turn no matter which the opponent they would do the exact same play (with 1 or 2 alternatives programmed in). They would actually win because secret paladin was that busted good of a deck back then

The way to tell it was a bot would be that it would mouse over one of its cards, then another, then another. The mouseovers would last the EXACT same amount of time, down to the millsecond. So it would mouse over its first card. Then 5th card. Then 3rd card. Then first card again. Each mouseover lasting exactly 5 seconds

The hearthstone streamer Trump used to call it out during his stream. He’d joke and pretend to be the bot and say “this is a card. This is also a card. And this is a card” as he watched the bot mouse over its cards


They use a multi-step auto clicker, so they can ‘pre-program’ where and when the screen is clicked. These people should be banned and a super-duper basic anti-cheat system would be able to detect it plain as day.

Sorry to break it to ya, Blizzard does care about botting as they have banned accounts for botting in the past, like I said it’s cheating, it’s against TOS.

[Blizzard]( banned several thousand accounts found to be using automated software last week. After the purge, the company said: “These accounts will be banned until 2015. As we’ve stated, fair play is at the core of the Hearthstone experience, and cheating and botting will not be tolerated. We’re committed to creating a fun and rewarding environment for our players.”

hearthranger. youre welcome.

Again, blame blizzard for rewarding these people.

We can’t blame them, the system is sht and rewards are sht. Instead of complaining about the little guy, complain about the big guy ripping people off.

I miss the aggro decks. At least the matches were fast.

cheating etc shall be reported directly to blizzard, not be posted in the forums

I’ve played a ton, like 6-8 hours a day recently… Have not seen one of these bots you speak of… I don’t think the problem is as big as you think…

Blizzard opened themselves to more botting with this expansion as it begs people and almost challenges them really. I don’t support botting but I have no doubt that whatever botting there was previous to this expansion, has increased big time!

Just posted a similar complaint.
Doesn’t even need to be bots, but could be toxic players that are watching netflix, and constantly re-queuing after every loss.
Frustrating to try to play the game against someone that’s roping every turn, win or lose doesn’t matter at that point.

One potential solution i can see if they earn experience only when ending a turn.

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