Perpetually “locked” with fatigue bug in Book of Heroes

In this weird book of Heroes bug, I started Illidans book on my mobile device very early this morning and after finishing Arthas (1st mission) fell asleep and turned off my phone while still in the game.

Upon waking and opening the game couldn’t reconnect so I restarted the app. When launching the book of heroes set I was put into Faelin’s book in the second quest instead of Illidans second quest.

Thinking I’d play it through I actually don’t get a deck when it goes to the second phase and I die from fatigue. You can see after the fight it goes from Arthas to the Leviathan which is obviously wrong.

I cannot “retire” as the “view deck” button doesn’t exist. I’ve tried restarting the app, clearing the data, deleting and reinstalling the app nothing. I’m literally stuck in this mission.

I’ve recorded the behavior to this unlisted link on my YouTube channel so you can see it, please advise.