[Paladin] (vent thread)

I mean really really?
Why does this class even exists?

Too slow
No draw
No impactful cards
No value
No Damage
No minions
High costs
No clears
No win condition
Relies on win more cards while cannot even hold it’s own.
Can’t protect it’s board

Every single tech card shuts you down
Every single other class effects shuts you down
Polymorph - sap - silence - Meiv - (the entire demon hunter cards) - copy effects - weapon removal
Literally any tech card shuts you down hard. And it’s insta lose.

The only way you win. Is when your opponent have extreme bad luck .
Even the game mulligan system works against you. The card pull weight system is broken for paladin.

I seriously believe that the devs works on paladin first. Then create cards for other classes to counter and test them out on paladin.
If they can beat paladin then they pass. If they don’t they overtounes them till they crush paladin.

Here’s new libram package. That might have worked 5 expansions ago.
Murloc package - dragon package - mech package - swarm package
Each of those are packages. They are support cards for specific builds. If that specific build doesn’t work… then GG throw it in the garbage.

Also one big middle finger we get every single expansion is…
((Here’s new cards that are missing key support cards that will be available for you in next expansion.))
Last expansion we got - pure paladin cards.
A New archetype that needed future expansions cards to make it work.
And it’s always been like this. A long run aim. Instead of focusing on the current expansion and current builds


I’ve been having fun with libram palidan. It is terrible against demon hunter, but its not to bad actually, and I also like murloc paladin if you’re down for something interesting and its cheap to make if you made libram palidan too.

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Oddly enough, my Pure Libram build has had more success against Demon Hunter than anything else I’ve tried so far.

Faith Made Manifest

Class: Paladin

Format: Standard

Year of the Phoenix

2x (2) Air Raid

2x (2) Aldor Attendant

2x (2) Hand of A’dal

2x (2) Libram of Wisdom

1x (2) Lightforged Blessing

1x (2) Murgur Murgurgle

1x (2) Sanctuary

2x (3) Aldor Peacekeeper

2x (3) Bronze Explorer

2x (4) Consecration

2x (4) Lightforged Zealot

2x (5) Aldor Truthseeker

1x (5) Amber Watcher

2x (6) Libram of Justice

1x (7) Lady Liadrin

2x (7) Lightforged Crusader

2x (9) Libram of Hope

1x (10) Nozari


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Considering dropping 1x Crusader for something else, not a lot of time to tinker today yet. Probably another Amber Watcher for now.


Wait until the balance changes come through. I was watching Thajs and he had a good time with the librams especially the one-sided equality spell. It’s quite possible Paladin is a top 3 class after the adjustments.

heres the thing:

. i looked at paladin cards
. laughed at them
. thought theyd be really abyssmal and pretty much unplayable
. pretended that this class doesnt even exist in standard
. moved on
. vented about demon hunter
. headaches

  • disgust for their balance team continues

Really? I’m at 69% winrate with Dragon Murloc Paladin. Use your brain instead of just looking at winrates on HSreplay.

Murloc Dragon Paladin

Class: Paladin

Format: Standard

Year of the Phoenix

2x (1) Imprisoned Sungill

2x (1) Murloc Tidecaller

2x (1) Murmy

1x (1) Toxfin

2x (2) Bluegill Warrior

2x (2) Fishflinger

2x (2) Hand of A’dal

1x (2) Murgur Murgurgle

2x (2) Tasty Flyfish

2x (3) Coldlight Seer

2x (3) Murloc Warleader

2x (3) Underlight Angling Rod

2x (4) Evasive Feywing

2x (4) Felfin Navigator

2x (5) Scalelord

2x (5) Skyfin


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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cool, i will try it out

Well. You wield your power with righteousness.
I’ve had success with a Midrange/Anti Aggro Libram Paladin.
It’s balanced, and most matchups feel pretty winnable. Pure Pally might actually still be better though. With Tarim and Custard for Rattle, of course.

In Wild I probably wouldn’t go Pure due to Zola, but she might be overkill on value if Aggro is too common, making Pure good again.

Zealot on curve is absolutely fantastic.

Nozdormu the timeless has been doing well in my experience.

I can’t envision a reality in which giving DH 10 mana early works out well for the Paladin, but I might still be underestimating their recovery power.


libram paly seems quite good the few I faced won. they cheat mana have board control and a lot of healing plus card generation if you make it pure.

class you were playing and deck ?

GetMeowth has a list.
The Zola/Banker stuff murders every control deck, except Warlock.
But is far too slow for the face-fest.

In my experience i just had to account if they are token or midrange and make sure i have a consecration or Aldor Peacekeepr respectivly

DHs, I imagine, may not realize you are, for example, setting up a Shrink Ray, Pyro into Flash of light/Hand of Adal.
Currently, they play almost like frenzied animals. At least in Wild.

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Aldor Peacekeep into their Antaen is hilarious every time.

In this game state of explosive stat plays, Aldor Peacekeeper is practically a tempo play, not just a Control tool anymore.

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then you have to deal with
[Imprisoned Antaen] into [Priestess of Fury] into [Kayn Sunfury]
how many [Wild Pyromancers] do paladin need

also how can you reach 10 mana to play Nozari against Demon hunter ?

Explain to me cause I am struggling

You play the Nozdormu that sets both players to 10 mana and pray you don’t die that turn, of course.


Doing that is like giving up two of your whole turns to set your hp to 30. and have 4/12 on the board
your opponent have 2 whole turns with 10 mana to play offensively.