Paladin has a murloc card that discovers a secret

Anyone realise that it only gives paladin secrets most of the time? I’ve almost never seen it give you other classes’ secrets.

I challenge you who believe otherwise to try it out - just play this card 5 times, and see the results for yourself.

I thought the devs said discover cards will no longer give class bonus. So why is this still the case for this 1 card?

Citation definitely needed.

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Discover cards only chose form class and neutral cards unless otherwise stated.

No, they got rid of it beforehand.


Ah mystery solved! Thank you sir

This part on no class bonus is still true. It just means you’d get neutral and the class‘ cards on an equal possibility. But sorry you’d have to Google it, it was less than 6 months ago.

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Minor addendum:

If your class does not have the type of card being discovered (in this case Secrets), the card uses its own class. For instance if a Shaman using Underbelly Angler gets a Hydrologist and plays it, the Shaman will be offered a choice between 3 Paladin Secrets.


Addendum to the addendum: Hydrologist always gives Paladin secrets, even in classes that have their own.

Are you actually sure about that? …

Paladin secrets no longer have better possibility to be discovered than neutral secrets, yep :crazy_face:

No, Hydrologist works as WingedKagout described.

If they run the Unite the Murlocs Brawl again sometime, it’s easy to confirm that if you play Hunter, Mage or Rogue.


We all learnt something today! Hurray!

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Interesting. I remember it not working that way before.