Paladin cannot do anything about freeze

There is no counter play for Paladin about freeze effects. At all. You can’t close out games as Paladin without minion damage. You can’t make trades, use buff cards, use debuffs, use lifesteal, or anything with frozen minions or a frozen face as Paladin.

And yet, everyone seems to cry and moan whenever Paladin gets aggro/murloc cards, despite the fact that with all this it means guess what, Paladin will never be able to beat Mage without aggro! People on the forums CLAIM they want Mid-range or Control Paladin back, back to being the main form of Paladi. And funnily, often the very same people will jump on the sword to defend Overpowered Freeze cards as often as they can!

So it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here, most people here don’t ACTUALLY give a god damn about the state of Paladin. They just want Paladin to be FOREVER FREE WINS for their precious, precious Mage decks. So next time you see someone crying over Paladin getting more Murloc cards, while clapping thier hands at the next under costed, less then three mana 3 freeze card that Mage is allowed to generate 6 copies of a game, maybe do the math in your head alright?

Most of the complaining over Murloc Paladin cards is from Paladin players who would like to stop playing “I hope they don’t have removal” and instead play more powerful minions.

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Or, some of us actually enjoy playing Mage, don’t find their Freeze cards to be OP, and yet still want Paladin to receive excellent support for Libram type decks because it’s about time that justice is served.

Paladin’s counter to Mage’s Freeze currently is to either clear whatever board they’re trying to setup to go face with via Justice/Consecration, or heal up to combat burn.


Learn the cards:
Common · Minion · Descent of Dragons · Your minions can


As a side note, that minions breaks all freeze in play


Why do you think a majority of the forum is made of mage players?
And why do you think mage players of all people would be the one wanting to keep paladins down?
There’s an awful lot to unpack in this post…

Freeze is the only control Mage has atm.
We don’t have heals
We don’t have taunts
We have very little armor
We don’t have rush
We don’t have charge.
I could go on .


But we have Fireball and Frostbolt, and Frost Nova, which have generated more than enough salt to mean that they just win matches all by themselves right? RIGHT?!?!?!

… right?

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In a game where I have casted 5 x Frost Nova, 2 x Blizzard and uncountable ammount of Ray of Frost, finished by Deep Freeze (for effect) and Frostbolt (for lethal) I do think freeze can win you a game on its own :smiley:

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Well, no doubt that freeze is very good, but is it too good? in a game where the only control for mage IS freeze, I say no.

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Like others have said mage needs freeze due to lack of support in other areas defensively. I would gladly give up freeze for better defensive options, but we don’t have those because blizzard decided we shouldn’t for some reason


I’d argue it’s better than thoughtsteal :wink:


You can just have the tech card that not lets your minions freeze at your paladin deck.

Play it not only make mage unable to freeze minions but also unfreeze your frozen minions.

I played a player with one of those annoying taunts recently who put that thing down with 2 life left, as if it would save him or her. Hammer to the face said otherwise. If you get the opponent’s life down enough, hammer to the face will also work with a frozen board. A charge minion would also work barring taunts on the other side.

hey now:) You know I’m still traumatized by that card!