One Devs blizzard forgot to nerf


Doppelgangster can aswell summon two Shudderwock

blizzard devs have nerf Saronite chain gang summon chain gang
rason Devs blizzard nerf saronite chain gang for Shudderwock cant not be summon
Devs blizzard forgot to nerf droppelgangster???


It is possible that they forgot about Doppelgangster. When endless Shudderwock decks were an issue, they were mostly played in standard and Doppelgangster was already wild. So perhaps they forgot about it.

It is also possible that they believe the combo with Doppelgangster to be less of an issue. One of the reasons that Saronite Chain Gang was an issue in that deck was that it was an important ingredient for the combo, and at the same time also a great card to control the board and stay alive until the Shudderwock turn. It provides two reasonably statted taunts for a reasonable cost.
Doppelgangster can also be used as a card to activate the combo. But unlike Saronite Chain Gang, it does not help you stay alive. Nor does it help you build pressure, unless you combine it with either Evolve or hand-buffs.

I’ll admit that I don’t play Wild much but I do sometimes play it, or watch streamers. And I have so far not seen a single Shudderwock / Doppelgangster deck.