Old adventures used to give us cards (legendaries as well) not packs



Honestly, I didn’t much mind shelling out $1-200 a year when I still felt that they were really behind making a better product, as long as we keep paying them for it. Maybe that makes me their chump, I dunno.


I would rather have the old adventures with the cards locked behind a pay wall considering that in the new system instead of getting 2 expansions and 1 adventure a year now we have 3 expansions and each one has must have cards if you want to experience more than 1 deck.

It is far cheaper to pay $20-$30 for an adventure that you are guaranteed certain cards than having a full expansion that would take about $270 to have a full collection while $50 preorder doesn’t do it nor guarantees that you will open the cards you really want.

Old system was far better for the consumer but this new system is what activision believes makes them more money and it’s against the consumer.

I agree, many people forgot or are unaware they did made this announcement and did not follow through.


People are tired of each expansion at a faster rate. We can no longer go back to two expansions a year.


If it means most people will be able to afford to play more than 2 decks then sign me up! I believe people will be less bored if they had the resources to play something more than just the one or two decks they can afford with 3 expansions per year.


This speaks to something I think is core to forums these days:

One side: Got mine, don’t change/criticize/question this (unless you’re me)

The other: Can this be better, and for more people?

I feel like we’re on the same side here, and hope that Blizzard will listen (they won’t, but y’know, hope is all we have)


Who is this “we” you speak of?


Fair point, but couldn’t that be leveled at everybody on this site who claims that people like HS as-is?


Zalae said it best (paraphrased) - “more cards doesnt mean more diversity, it means more refined decks” - in the K&C era iirc.

Thats true. Having more options doesnt mean a more diverse meta, that is continually proven false. It just means the meta decks are stronger!

The BEST metas tend to occur when the card count is at its lowest!!! Yes, rotation helps with that, but the simple fact is more cards =/= more diversity. Never has, never will!


An adventure with no independent cards is not increasing the price of anything.

What has increased the price is that there are more traditional (non-adventure) sets with more cards coming out more frequently. Blame that.

The adventure has nothing to do with it. If they did throw in a new old-style adventure with it’s own cards, that be would be even yet more cost on top of it.

Basically OP has looked back to a time they preferred better, and pointed out the wrong thing that was different about it. The important thing that was different was the slower pace of traditional sets.


Maybe in this wall of text there is somebody upset about straight price, but I believe the core complaint is value.


What a totally not biased way of framing the discussion. Let me see if I can get the hang of it.

One side: WAAAAAHHHHH this one thing sucks!

The other: here are some reasons (and maybe some data) why the thing you’re complaining about isn’t as bad as you claim.



The last adventure was so successful that I have not seen Zayle once.


I see Zayle a lot… from evolve lackeys (still not as bad as getting it from The Storm Bringer though).


I mean a Zayle deck, not from discover. Why design a card as a reward for an adventure when it will see absolutely 0 play? It’s almost like the developers aren’t even trying anymore.


I like solo content, and I really liked the special formats adventure bosses could have, like the chess in Karazhan. But mostly; I knew what I was going to get in advance. I am f2- and didn’t mind spending the 700 gold on each wing because there were cards I wanted. I wold pick and choose my adventure wings and slowly build my wild collection with useful cards.
I recently started anew in another region and found that KoFT is still available for play, but now the wings are all free and instead of specific cards, each wing rewards 1 pack. 1 pack a wing won’t get you the basis you need for any wild deck!
It’s odd to me; on one hand they try to promote wild with stuff like toki’s bundle and such, but on the other hand they’re making it REALLY hard for newcomers to catch up and get into wild as well.

I have gotten the 1st 3 wings of Dalaran Heist, I’m now working on beating wing 3 on heroic with the classes I have available. I like solo content but I despise the way they paywalled DH by having to get the wings to be able to use more classes. I honestly don’t mind the rewards, I do think it’s a fun adventure, but I’m in no hurry to complete it because the rewards are not worth the haste.


The OP is saying that the old adventures gave cards and that made Hs cheaper.

Simply put, despite the adventure content, would you prefer giving 20$ or 2800g to get all these must cards from LoE (https:1//hearthstone.gamepedia.com/The_League_of_Explorers#Cards)


Would you prefer to open them from random card packs?

Cause the first option is sure cheaper Annnnnd it comes with solo content as well…

(Btw blizz the fact i cant post links in their original form is retarted)


And you’re certain you haven’t seen a single Zayle deck? The opponent isn’t told it’s a Zayle deck (same as Whizbang), so unless you know the contents of those decks by heart, how can you be sure you’ve never faced one of the possible decks?

Also, the deck recipes from Whizbang and the static decks from Zayle were never meant to be top tier competetive decks, they’re meant to showcase certain archetypes in a way that isn’t completely horrible.


The older Single Player adventures were extremely high value for the cost … on the order of 4X more value than opening packs. So ‘losing’ them did represent a decrease in overall value to players that Blizzard has not effectively returned. Blizzard has made a few minor concessions such as the no duplicate rule for Legendaries and the Legendary in the first 10 packs … but these are very token efforts compared to the amount of value that players lost.

I don’t particularly care that the current SPAs only offer packs. That’s fine. But it would be good if Blizzard made more efforts at restoring the value that players lost when they dumped the old SPA model.

A good start would be to give players 25% of the value of a card for ALL disenchants (including commons & rares). Another would be to make all Legendary drops a Wild Card instead of just a random drop. Another would be to flatten rarity distribution to a hard Legendary per 20 packs. Stuff like that.


Absolutely it’s biased.

Also, way to prove how much more sympathetic I should have been to people like you. That was an incredibly respectful, self-aware, and relevant response. Thank you.


Some might argue that such blatantly biased framing undermines productive conversation, since it presumes that one side has no valid arguments. But hey, you do you dude.

There is no one in these forums who is like me. Which is a good thing, since I’m just insufferable.

You get what you give, I guess.

You’re welcome! Always happy to help.