Oh look, it's quest ______

When does Ben’s marvel game come out again? I look forward to some playtested could content Games are so cookie cutter I feel like I can play :black_cat: blindfolded. The only deck that are actually fun to play against are Rogue not the gnolls and non pirate warriors.

the ones you personally can beat with the deck you’re using.

As for the Marvel game, no release date yet but was stated to be later this year. So up to 7 months more of waiting or less.

Edit: Upon looking into it again, it seems it’ll be on mobile first then PC.


The game is being developed and released for mobile devices but is also planned to eventually release for PC.

While no release date for Marvel Snap has been revealed thus far, players can sign up for the closed beta test on Android to gain first access if they are chosen. No date for when the beta test will begin has been given either, but the website promises that “selected users will be notified via email shortly.”

Edit 2: Here’s a link to their beta sign up page if you like


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i am now 100% sure every single forum post is just someone complaining that their class isn’t good enough and every other deck is horrible to play against. this post might even be bait, there are only 2 playable quests and both of them were nerfed within the last 2 patches and aren’t super strong


The game has been around so long that many players are have come to identify as a specific play style type within a specific class.

Their desired play type may exist in another class but they refuse to try it out.

They also look for old play patterns, like aggro running out of steam when their hand is low cards, or value decks being able to win through just attrition and grinding out their opponents to the end of the deck.

When they realize these mechanics don’t exist they are upset.


This is true, and it’s a shame. I like long, control or combo games, I go with the class and deck that caters to that style of play. Years ago you were stuck with Priest, or Druid, Warlock or Warrior but classes don’t have that much of an identity anymore.

I suppose I’m lucky that I can craft every deck in the meta and try them all, I think if more people could do this we’d see far fewer complaints.

Class identity is a wive’s tale at this point, wherein at the inception of Hearthstone it existed. It hasn’t existed for some time now. It’s in our heads and we rationalize archetypes to be somehow associated with a “class identity,” but they are not.

Seriously, I want to see a nonlegend climbing run with a rogue deck that is not edited for just wins. I saw a Rogue is back video with Gnolls, a gnoll is not fast enough unless you have the perfect draw, at best turn 1 you are trading a card. If you have coin you might get some 3/3s down but that is not really exciting anymore. At some point you have to draw a dead maestra card for the privilege of having to high roll in the first place.

The best games seem to be the ones that are close till the end of have swing turns… With the current cards it is just refill refill refill and refill…except maybe druid who is ramping