Oh boy a new hero skin!


Hey, I’m with you. I play(ed) a ton of F2P games and never spent a cent on them.

I also knew I wasn’t going to have all the shineys!


My mistake. I thought that the portraits in the SPA were going to be more universally usable.

They do say they’ll give out 3 packs with each wing, including the free one. So that’s 15 packs for 2,800 gold … or a 53.6% return (ignoring the Golden Classic pack). The wings return enough resources to mitigate at least half their F2P cost. Not great, but not bad. More ammo to support the notion of buying them with gold rather than cash - as if that was a hard decision.

I call out BS when see it too … such as when people act like they’re entitled to get something that was only their own misplaced expectation in the first place.

The fact remains that Blizzard never told anyone that free hero portraits were included every spring rotation. Yet some people are acting like having a Hero Portrait as a reward for people who buy the 80 pack bundle is the betrayal of a personal blood oath.

There’s no sense or logic to such feelings. Blizzard has rewarded the big bundle buyers this way before. There’s no statement by anyone anywhere which promises free portraits with the Standard rotation.

So really what’s happening here is some people are throwing hissy fits because there’s an irrelevant cosmetic that they can’t get without paying money. The realities that this item has no effect on anything, that 80 packs are part of the deal, and that the player was never promised a cosmetic in the first place? The decision to throw a childish hissy fit apparently does not weigh these factors.


over priced ? what ?
80 for 80 cards + golden legendary
how is that overpriced ?
well isnt as good as the 70 packs for 50 we had back then but i wouldnt call it overpriced

and you call it "extremely overpriced " so you must think is the worst deal they ever offered


$80 for 80 packs is ludicrous. There’s better things to spend $80 on.

But that’s not even the point, for a lot of us just want the hero, not the packs.


i wish it was 70 for 50 but 80 for 80 + golden isnt as bad as you are trying to make it sound


It’s $80 for 80 cardpacks already worth $1 each. The Golden Legendary isn’t a big deal as everyone makes it out to be since it’s random. The hero portrait isn’t a bonus when they’re worth $5-10 and used to be free.

Originally the preorders were $50 for 60 packs. But no longer. $80 for card packs and a hero skin is just absurd. You can buy a full game and a season pass for that price, or a lot of other games.


is golden who cares if is random
for me it means i get to choose any legendary i want if i dont like the one i get


Is that really worth $80 though?


It is. It is literally all virtual stuff that they generate out of thin air. For 70 bucks you get a full new game of your choosing.

Look me in the eye and tell me that 80 bucks on virtual cards that don’t even get me close to all cards in that set (and are also just 80 packs from 1 set of which there are 3 a year) can compare to literally money to (depending on the country you live in) make a short trip over the weekend/ eat out in very good restaurants a few times/ go to the cinema 8 times a.s.o…

Their pricing is totally off in terms o f reality-checking imo.


Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.


You don’t even get the full set with how much you spend


I bought it. Not even necessarily that cool. I always bought the bundles but Tryande is just a better looking portrait, which I manage to have. There must be more diversity with this stuff. I just wish they’d release cool hero portraits for classes without easily obtainable alts.


I don’t want another alt portrait when I already have Morgl or Tryande in the first place. But for god sakes, distribute them in a different wat.


That is why there is also gold too. Not only spending actual $, but also gold too, so you do not have to spend a lot in actual $ and spend all the gold.

By the time the expansion hits, I should be at least 11k gold, but I am only going to use around 8.5k-9k gold + the mega bundle should get me almost all of what I want. Also, considering HoF dust refund, I will be close to 65k dusts (currently got 54k) and with the amount of RoS packs I will open up at launch day, I will be over 70k dusts. That is plenty of dusts to craft what I want that is missing (and most of the time, it is only like about 4 to 6 cards).


…well we are talking about a videogame all of them are


There are things others spend money on I find a waste. As long as the $/per pack is the same I don’t really care of they tie cosmetics behind a paywall. I thought the 17 packs for $20 was BS because it broke the $/pack preorder expectation.

$50/$80/etc. As long as the packs remain the same I’m not going to lose sleep over incentive packages. If anything I still can’t believe we don’t get to choose the legendary =(


Like movies and food!

Hey! I paid EIGHT DOLLARS for that cheeseburger, ate it, and now it’s GONE!

OR, Hey, I rode that rollercoaster, paid you good money, for an EXPERIENCE?

I should OWN a tangible portion of that rollercoaster!

Don’t get me wrong, Im old school. 15 years ago when someone HINTED at charging money for in game items I was LIVID!! OUTRAGED!!! SHOCKED!!!

Paying money for virtual stuff is weird. But we do it all the time outside of video games.


With virtual wealth to boot.

A lot of the money and general wealth that exists today is about as real as a pack of Hearthstone cards, and I’m not referring to bitcoin or similar cryptocurrencies. Stocks and bonds are at best a promise that whoever holds them can at some point request recompensation.


You don’t need a full set. You just WANT a full set. Adjust your expectations to something realistic. As Mand brilliantly said…

“You can view Hearthstone as either an expensive videogame or a cheap card game. One will make you feel bad, the other won’t. Neither will change what the game is.”

Learn to accept a perfectly reasonable and rational reality which you can enjoy fully for nothing and be happy. Or continue to rail pointlessly against something that isn’t going to change and be miserable. Your choice.


I dream of Baku becoming a hero.

In fact if this were the case I would a) sell everything I own and convert it into cash, b) indenture myself to Blizzard for the rest of my life for no more in return than basic food, shelter and access to a PC to obtain it.

The PC is for playing as Baku and emote ‘None will survive!’ for as much of my leisure time that they see a wretch like me was worth.

I wouldn’t play, I wouldn’t attempt to play, I would just emote ‘None will survive!’ every round.

If anyone else wanted to actually just buy it and play and not be indentured I would suggest the hero power would be play a board of any and every card you lay, but I don’t care as long as there is emote.

THIS is my Garden of Eden and Blizzard - make it so.

None will survive!


WHAT? (short circuits)

(In Black Panthers voice) “Get this Mand some green text!”