Officially done with ranked until


Warriors are annoying, they’ve pretty much always been annoying. Crying about it isn’t going to change that.

If any card needs to be nerfed for overuse its Zilliax, not Leeroy, which is currently really only scary in Rogue. It used to be 4 mana, THEN it was OP.

I personally don’t like Arena. But rather than whine about it, I simply don’t play it much.

But sure, keep making assumptions about me.


So your saying you are NOT a fanboi of Blizzard’s? Cause i don’t believe you if you say you are not.


No I’m not, and I think that’s an extremely stupid assumption made by an idiot.

HS is the only Blizzard game I have e get played for more than a couple of hours and though I’ve been playing since the beta I stopped for 3 years because I just didn’t enjoy it.

I’m just smart enough to realize whining about things isn’t going to change them, which is something I expect most ten year olds to get.


@Loco1234 if you actually think (like you say) whining doesn’t change anything then how did we get past slavery, civil rights, and a whole many more things. Only people who are facists want people to keep their mouth shut because they don’t want their perfect little world upset.

Your kind of logic is what i expect out of uneducated people.


Great job comparing whining about a videogame with the fight against slavery. I don’t think anybody will take you seriously for a long time.


By STOPPING WHINING and doing something about them. Slavery wasn’t solved by people complaining about how it wasn’t fair, it was solved by people saying “this needs to stop and we’re going to stop it. You’re trying to keep it? Fine, we’ll deal with you too.”

And then the North ACTUALLY DID IT. All you have is the whine. You need to actually do something about it. I also didn’t like the ladder around me. Too many Tempo Rogues. So I changed my deck up to deal with them and climbed 8 ranks in 2 days.

You gonna do something about ranked being bad? Or are you gonna continue complaining? My bets on the latter.


Loco1234 and Lakisdottir are this forums resident Trolls good to know who the Trolls are… now to feed Trump to them.


The only time it was not a p2win class was the charge/pirate aggro warrior era.

Mage was designed to be new player friendly
Warrior was designed to be whale/p2win friendly
Hunter was designed to be afk player friendly

It is made like this for a reason, if you check Wow and how those classes are played.
Hunter is autoshot afking , looting.
Mage spamming few buttons killing everything.
Warrior has to pay loads repair costs/get the best gear made/bought to not be 1 shoted by raid bosses + had to use all def pots/flasks etc.
Priest resses everyone, healing people,pets makes your pvp or pve raid team indestructible most guilds stacking it big time for long years.
Rogue being sneaky little annoying dude who can kill you by force drawing cards you don’t even have… (demonstrating things like 1 shot ganking in wow)

It is kind of brilliant roleplaying friendly design imho.

Big difference is in monetization, Wow has sub fee, because HS is “free” there is no trading system here like there is AH in wow to ensure people spend money on buying dust.

I would love a HS style of game with trading and balanced cards. No bs wild/standard rotation, no with 80% cares being so bad they never get played.

HS lives off of selling you dust + gamble for the very few usable cards.


Stop this “bad at the game nonesense”. If your opponent topdecks Leeroy/Dk a.s.o. and you have no answer in your hand, it’s not skill that decides the game. If anything HS might be the least skill-involved cardgame I have ever seen.

That being said: OP, you basically complain about the whole game right now - you might want to leave until the meta changes?!


If you are at 6 health and no taunts vs an opponent that runs Leeroy in their deck, then you already lost earlier in the game. You are in a position where you need to be lucky that they don’t already have it in hand or topdeck it.
Of course you pass he turn and pray that they had bad draw and are still waiting for Leeroy. But at that point you already lost control of the game.

If that happens very often, it is definitely the result of a skill difference between you and your opponent.


“But what if they top deck the one card they needed?”

You mean that thing that happens sometimes in every card game?

Yugioh: I lost in tournament to a top decked Monster Reborn once and often lose to top decks in nonstandard formats as well. It happens

Magic: I’ve beaten Teferi Control by top decking Banefire so many times I’ve lost count.

Keyforge: I lost because my opponent Wild Wormholed (play the top card of your deck) into Miasma (your opponent skips their next forge step) twice when I was threatening game. His deck only had one Miasma. That was the only way he could win that game.

Hearthstone: I’ve lost to top decked Leeroy a couple of times now, always for exactly game. But instead of saying “he got so lucky to draw it then” I said “I played too recklessly knowing Leeroy was still a possibility. What should I do differently next time?”

I stand by my statement

Also, OP has admitted he’s a troll in one of his posts, can’t remember which


Your wrong but i very seriously doubt you would even know it you make up so much BS.


Found it on your post whining about Warriors

“also no I will not I would rather come here every day and get under your skin and make you act like a 5 yr old like you all doing now”


That does not make me a troll it simply means I would rather get under your skin. trust me if I was trolling you, you would never know until your were so owned you would have to leave the forums.


I don’t think I’ve met anyone above the age of twelve who still says “owned”, so that’s that question answered and a whole bunch more explained


Loco just hush before you make yourself look stupider then you are. Your a nobody and nothing you say or do will ever change that.


Sure is a good thing I don’t care about being a somebody then isn’t it? But there is one thing I’ve got going for me:

I’m better at this game than you :slight_smile:


You are starting to get creepy hanging out in all the posts I am. Sicko stalker is what you are.


Whatever helps you sleep at night


TC isnt a new player is a new troll …( just read his post history )

maybe not that new he may be one of those who posted he was leaving on another account…