Odyn always gets removed or destroyed from hand? HOW!?

What I’m experiencing is impossible unless this game is completely scripted or rigged. Can you please clarify to me what is happening? (Not complaining just trying to make sense of things.)

In nearly 15 games, I encountered a strange pattern: whenever my opponent has a Rat, they draw my Odyn from my hand, even though there were other minions in my hand. (This is like 100% of my games like that). Similarly, whenever my opponent had Patchwerk, it destroyed my Odyn in my hand, even though there were other minions in my hand. (That is also 100% of my games).

I know the statistics is not that high on the amount of games I played so far, but the results are insane - it seems to me the results are impossible !? - if the game is truly random? Unless the game was designed to always remove/destroy Odyn by design.

Am I missing something, I am so paranoid now that I never keep Odyn and always pull it out with Finley on my turn or with “Depths card”. This is over the period of two days, I think, I played close to over 40 game matches now. The good thing is I still win sometimes with other win conditions when opponent pulls out an Odyn (not always).

This is my deck code:

### fury
# Class: Warrior
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Wolf
# 1x (1) Sir Finley, Sea Guide
# 2x (1) Verse Riff
# 2x (2) Bash
# 2x (2) Bladestorm
# 2x (2) Shield Block
# 2x (2) Stoneskin Armorer
# 2x (3) Bellowing Flames
# 2x (3) Chorus Riff
# 2x (3) From the Depths
# 2x (3) Heavy Plate
# 2x (4) Craftsman's Hammer
# 1x (4) Ignis, the Eternal Flame
# 2x (4) Sanitize
# 2x (5) Bridge Riff
# 2x (6) Trial by Fire
# 1x (8) Odyn, Prime Designate
# 1x (15) Yogg-Saron, Unleashed
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

What I am looking here is maybe there is something I am not aware of or there is some other technique???


For me was the legendary from hunter it gives 5 damage at “random” when use the hero power.

No kidding, more than 50 games not even once the card don’t deliver the 5 damage like the opponent can choose.

Needed to give 5 damage in my face or lose even against a full board? No problem, hit my face like the board was empty.

Needed to remove the 5 health taunt in the way? Absolutely.

No difference if the opponent could choose the target at all.

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What are you expecting us to tell you here?

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Maybe similar experience to reforces the bias.

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Your deck run 6 minions, 2 weapons and 22 spells, this increase the probability dirty rat hits Odyn.


Good we have rat in Standard for a more interactive game.

The meta I hate the most was both players racing Solitaire gameplay.


I had games with 3 other minions in my hand and Odyn still - it destroyed/removed. I know my statistics is very low but still! It feels to me maybe that was scripted like that, because I do understand once Odyn goes “online” that is pretty much game over. (After that the win rate is like 90% :D) So maybe because of that it was designed to ALWAYS REMOVE ODYN.

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if you had all minions in your deck in hand the best you could get is 1/6 that the rat/patchwerk misses. so usually you have less than that. so, your percent that you get a bad outcome are usually between %20-%50 that’s pretty large, and the rolls are independent. (meaning one roll doesn’t effect the outcome of the next) so, if odyn gets hit this game, no reason he won’t get it next game. then take into account the times either of those cards were actually played in the games you are referencing. all of that makes the scenario you describe as reasonable…unfortunate…but reasonable.

I understand what you’re saying, but it’s still strange to me. In nearly 15 games over two days, my opponent has pulled Odyn out of my hand with Dirty Rat (either as a Priest or as Death Knight) or destroyed it with Patchwerk (as Death Knight), even when I had other minions in my hand. I can understand if it happened once or twice, but it’s happened too many times to be a coincidence.

I think developer of this game implemented Dirty Rat functionality as instead of saying this: "

Taunt Battlecry: Your opponent summons a random minion from their hand."

It actually designed like this:

Taunt Battlecry: Your opponent summons a random minion from their hand. Unless they have Odyn then summon it."

I think we just don’t know about it.

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There’s like a 99% chance you are fabricating your numbers to prove the narrative but it’s just RNG there’s nothing you can do about it.


Why would I do that?

Because you actually don’t know the real numbers and you are frustrated/ venting so you just threw out some arbitrary number like 100% when in reality it probably happened to you only a few times and not in 100% of 15 games. Just don’t keep Odyn in the mulligan or if you draw him then Finley him away if you are vs a deck that runs Dirty Rats or Patchwerk.


it hasn’t though. that was my point. at best if you have all minions in hand every time this card was played over the 15 games you describe. the chance to hit odyn would be %16 2/3. there is no reason you couldn’t get unlucky in all 15 games and miss every time. because the rolls are independent from 1 game to the next. this means you could’ve had the best possible scenario every time, and got the worst outcome every time. there is no reason why not, even though it is unlikely.

now let’s be honest you didn’t have the best possible scenario every time it was played against you. as i said earlier you probably were between %20-%50. is it really out of bounds you lost mostly coinflips in 15 non-consecutive games you had that mechanic used against you.

also you arbitrarily started keeping track in last 2 days. how many times have you beaten the odds against this mechanic over the years? does it make sense that it would be unwinnable now?

TLDR: you need larger data set to support your suspicions.

It’s also possible that OP is geniuenly the unlucky one.
If you play 5 games in a row and each game you lose your odyn on a 1/3, that’s a 0.4% chance to happen.
So you would be pretty unlucky if that happend to you and would assume it is not normal, which is totally understandable.
But if a thousand player play 5 games of warrior and their opponents try to dirty rat them, then 4 of that thousand players would have their Odyn removed on all 5 games (on average)
One of them would assume it is not normal and would come ask about it on the forum, in that scneario that could be you.
It is not unlikely to be really unlucky

Sometimes there’s actual issues that could be investigated, but regarding dirty rat I strongly believe that’s pure randomness at its finest and you just got unlucky


That is what I said in my post trying to pull Odyn only on my turn.

Is this frustrating, sure it feels that way! What I am trying to understand here is how they design the Odyn card; maybe they did designed it pull it out with Dirty Rat or Patchwerk first if possible.

YOU can’t answer that cause you are not a game developer, so you can only speculate about the RNG. That is fine. I was just looking for some feedback. That is OK not a big deal. Maybe I’ll use a different deck.

I can count on my hand how many times i pulled odin… or ignis, i’s so damn rare rat feels useless.

I am, unity as well and I can say. being one doesn’t matter sh1t as blizzard won’t ever even prove your theory wrong. treat it as Schrodinger’s cat…

It’s just random my friend. Warrior is popular and everyone has teched for it which is fine. Keep more minions in hand when you’re playing against decks that use rat.

I’ve got 100 games with Odyn Warrior, Odyn gets ratted occasionally, it is what it is.

OK. Thanks.

Yes, maybe my stats are too low and not that many minions in a deck and @ogrebattler explained it more. :smiley:

There was one game vs Priest on turn 7 pulled Odyn first, then Finley then Yogg, 3 dirty rats. OUGH. That was tough.

OK maybe it is what it is.


Have you tried running more than 5 minions in the deck? How often can you hold a bait minion for rat?

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Priest is always going to be a tough matchup. If I’m playing against a Rat/Theif I always keep my hand full if Odynn is in it.